Sunday, 6 September 2009

Maybelline NY Simply Fabulous

What it takes to be Simply Fabulous? or How to be Simply Fabulous? One of the key answers to it is-being able to live your dreams!

Everyone has a dream and often, we meet a lot of challenges (What a Bummer!?!) in the process of achieving this dream we have in our head! Great news is Maybelline heard us!with Maybelline NY Simply Fabulous web series, your dream will come through.

Maybelline went out to hunt for girls aged between 18 to 30 years old to give them a chance to live up to their dream. There were 1000 over submissions but only 10 will be shortlisted. At the end of the show,only ONE will walk away RM10,000 in sponsorship + a trip to New York City + other prizes that totalling up to RM50, 000! ish, jeles jeles, i love travelling and we are talking about new york city!!! I just missed my chance to bridge in New York City with Statue of Liberty as background :S Okay forget about me...

Maybelline NY Simply Fabulous is an online reality show on 8TV website

hosted by Sarah Lian *drool*
Few (6) bloggers were invited to join their the making/behind the scenes.
And i am lucky no.1 in no particular order :P
this is how the set looks like
There will be 23 webisodes which you will be able to catch it on
and the FINALS broadcasted on 8TV.

Each week the girls will undergo exciting challenges
i.e. makeover, talking to people/presentation skill (ooh gosh im really bad at this) and etc which will indeed unleash their confident, talent and encourage the girls to live their dream

Like i said earlier, 1000over submissions only 10 will be selected, so who made it?

1. Calista Wei Fen Leah Liew, 22

2. Nalinder Manoharan, 27

3. Kimberley Cham Siang Fen, 24
4. Ng Bei Shan, 22
5. Niksyifa Umar bt Nik Aziz, 21
6. Nurdiana Ashraf bt Abu Bakar, 25
7. Preeta Sharenia Nithianantham, 20
8. Steffanie Vanessa Schubert, 19
9. Susilawati Mohd Ariff, 24

10. Fehmes blogger Poh Huai Bin aka, 28 ...
except he forgotten to submit his application but he used Maybelline foundation once! hehe :P

This is number 10
Zhareen Anshary, 19
These girls have big dreams, i.e to become a travel host, to open an orphanage, to persue their studies and etc.I shall let them tell you their dreams themselve on 7th September 8TV website
7th will be the official date for Simply Fabulous

also, remember to stay tuned with me to win some Maybelline products in this magic box ;)


Earl said...

do they allow guys to participate?

iyouwe said...

boys take part? nanged u! nang me back if u brave to read about ghost!nang me!

Huai Bin said...

Haha! I won't mind joining if they allow guys to enter.
I used the Mabelline foundation for a good reason. ;)

Missyve said...

Oh, I so want some of the cosmetics!

Rachel said...

this is so cool! and i want some of the cosmetics too =P

Simon Seow said...

I'll vote for Huai Bin.

lilShorty said...

omg..huai bin with ribbons????

Nlndr said...

thanks girl for the writeup, can't wait for more to come!


taufulou said...

haha..huai bin also enter ah..sure vote for him, if that's the pic of entry~

HitoMi^^ said...

whoa, exclusive invites!! how you get it

Pork Chop said...

Earl: nope, not that i know off! hehe

iyouwe: not really, huai bin is just a silly joke since he used maybelline foundation once ;) and i dont like horror :P

Huai Bin: Of course you dont...u will be surrounded by chics there :P and i believe you used maybelline foundation for good cause! :P

Pork Chop said...

Zoe: will alert you how to get them :)

Rachel: sure do...i hope that will be asap hehe

SimonSeow: Hey, dont be mean! hehe :P

Nlndr: No prob, i havent reveal your dark secret yet mua ha ha ha

taufulou: femine side of him!hahaha

Hitomi: Maybelline's PR wrote to me :)

ashley said...

din noe abt it until i read ur blog gal~
thx for de info!!

Steffyvanessa said...

when is the dark secret ones comin out? lol. thnks fr th write up btw!

Pork Chop said...

ashley: no worries :) love u gal

Steffy: ill probably review them the next post! ;) all the best girl

Pork Chop said...

ashley: no worries :) love u gal

Steffy: ill probably review them the next post! ;) all the best girl

Nlndr said...

hehehe can't wait :P lol!

petitemodel87 said...

Haha.. I cant wait for the dark secrets post either!! Muahaha~ Thanks Pink Pork Chop.. *big grin*

Pork Chop said...

nlndr and petitemodel: thanks for dropping by, all the best gals :)

Pork Chop said...

nlndr and petitemodel: thanks for dropping by, all the best gals :)