Monday, 31 August 2009

Pre-Merdeka, Merdeka Count Down and Merdeka

Malaysian generally celebrate EVERYTHING! okay, thats a strong statement to made but don't you think so? we had all sort of holidays and count down parties together regardless of our race/ethnic. i.e the act of exchanging gifts during christmas is practice by a lot of us who may not be a christian. We just join in the fun! :P You see where i am coming from?
Being a true Malaysian, i had my "pre-merdeka" celebration, merdeka count down and of course Merdeka haha

Friday night was Sin Chew 80th anniversary celebration at Tian Ho temple. They served Taiwan's delicacy and had a few Taiwan indigenous culture show which is quite interesting to watch especially when Bryan, my colleague got volunteered by me. haha he was put on stage to learn the indigenous dance. I totally waited for that eye contact with the dancer and pointed right at him.yea, so that how he got volunteered! After dinner, we met up with ren for a couple of drinks. It was more like a Friday night celebration rather than pre-merdeka :P

Tian Ho Temple
Saturday: I woke up and i cooked lunch for my dad (did i tell u my dad is following my blog? hi dad ;)) and my bro because my mom wasnt around. Unfortunately, it was a not so tasty meal! hehe
my very thick pan mee

As for dinner, i had 5 BBQ chicken wings and a lot more yummylicious food at the DGMB BBQ party. Thanks Aaron for inviting :) and nice meeting all of you even tho i didnt have a chance to talk to most of u. It was my pleasure to be there to eat all the chicken wings-wth?! :p

Stolen group picture from Nigel Sia

Sunday=Merdeka Count Down at Mist.
Something different for this year. Ive got invites from Nuffnang for the ultimate hip hop fest in Mist Club. Mist is very near to my place; so thats a bonus for me. I didn't enjoy the event tho. The music was quite bad (off pitch, flat name it), so we decided to move from Mist to Telawi Street Bistro.

In Mist club

Quite little floggers came for the event.
Suresh, Dusty, Samantha, Jeffro, Nigel/Fly Guy, Diese and etc were the few familiar faces to me

me and jeffro
stolen pictures from Isaac

In Telawi Street Bistro, Alex dared me to do drop a coaster with my number on it to anyone in the club because me n my big mouth said it was easy!

They got me a pen and i filled up Alex name instead of mine with a fake number on it!

With my small sepet (<--must act malaysian abit :P) eyes opened widely, i searched through the area for victim. Someone who will not bite pork (i mean me) and someone good sport. At last, i found one and ACTION... i camwhore with the"victim" too :P but i thought i look frugly in this picture, therefore i decided to blur my face :P haha kinda horrifying

again i looked frugly! :S
On Monday, Merdeka day i shopped till drop again hehe bought new clothes and i bought gloves because i thought it was cute :S

Anyway, i am determined to learn ice-skating with this pair of gloves so its not for nothing ice-skating? :)


Jeffro said...

LOL! Cute giler the gloves.. :D
Ooo.. u made merdeka happening.. :D

Pork Chop said...

hehe thanks, its colorful :)
and Wow, thats smthing nice to hear! I made merdeka happening..woohooo :P