Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Souled Out All Out

it was her birthday!
ooh i mean HIS

he was so excited that he kissed my clutch bag! wth
But i was excited about the food because it was a laaate dinner cum supper...around 10pm?

lamb shank (i took only the mash potatoes)

no pizza for me because its beef!
it wasnt religion thing for not eating beef, lamb and mutton but my own ridiculous reason!

not sure what salad exactly but it was nice

my personally fav: deep fried calamari

i ordered this drink called primm no.10 or something lidat, it came with a long cut cucumber sticking out the tall glass! it had a little fruity taste and the cooling cucumber its quite a combination to the drink!
ooh i ate the whole cucumber XD
Anway, a birthday celebration must have
1. great friends like us (note to ivan) especially friend like me (note to Whole Wide Word :P)
2. bday cake
3. bday song
4. candle that can't be blown out!
5. the wig (only applicable to ivan)
some random shots during the dinner

porkie and kalai
lengluis + porkie

and a groupie.
the girls get prettier everytime i meet them; ivan is ivan and As for ferdi, the only thing that he hasnt changed is his hawaiian shorts!

instant pictures for memory keeping :)
That was not the end of the bday celebration yet. We went to ash aunty's place in hartamas for second round. Some of us stayed over night and some did not.

chilling in the apartmentwe had games all night long
one of the games was shots and ladders. i find this board game quite cool :)

like i said before, we had games, drinks all night long and not forgetting "heart-2-heart" talk session that lasted till next morning. I went to bed at 8am; suppose to wake up by 10am but i forgotten to turn on my alarm :S

As a result, i was late for jackie's kfc feast!
but thanks again for the invitation :)

it was indeed a great weekend. Thanks all for organizing and making it happen :)


littlemrs said...

what's the difference between lamb and mutton? hmmm...

Huai Bin said...

Looks like a whole load of fun! Especially the shots and ladders game. Nice!

I see Kalai!

Pork Chop said...

littlemrs: lamb and mutton is different.lamb young baby sheep, mutton old mature fully grown sheep! :D

Huai Bin: yea lots of fun and im sure u can kalai's pretty face here quite often :D

Terri said...

oo! hahaa, they use d same props! haha.. that one with d hair is really funny.

lilShorty said...

did i mention ur blog educational? ;)

lilShorty said...

oh thanks for being soooooo sweet too! muaks hugs xoxo

Pork Chop said...

educational? lol...i am just stating the fact! hugs xoxo