Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Heineken Green Room @ Zouk KL

Ive been caught up with work lately that ive missed out quite a bit of events & happenings last week including UP screening which im dying to watch, District 9 (probably not very my type of movie) Ogawa-i will love to sit on one of those comfy massage chair that i can't afford for hourssssss! Oooh but to be optimistic; i managed to go MTV World Stage XD hehe

Anyway, this particular post is again wayyyyy overdue (thats why im updating in the middle of the night)! Heineken Green Room was held at Zouk like ermmm almost 3weeks ago!?!

First off, i dont like their screwed up registration list. I think most of the people can't find their names in the list even if they have received sms invites. They have this booth/one laptop to re-register on the spot...guess they knew about their bad system!

Before entering the club, they have big size security holding tiny little thermometer to save guard the people/the club. The digital thermometer ain't exactly small. hehe just because he is big, it looked like he is holding his fist and I felt like he wanna punch me in my forehead! heeehee Oohh they checked my ID too *proud* lol :P There was once i walked into the casino without being stop...i felt..... insulted ... :S hahaha

In Heineken Green Room,
it was very green indeed! ==

Taken from where im standing
i like the overall set

That night, we have Filthy Dukes from UK, Teriyaki Boyz, Blink&Goldfish show.

it was really crowded, i didnt enjoy the music very much tho...

and from here onwards is all the 'Porkie and People; pictures

Audrey and Me

Audrey, Syin and ME
Me and very tall Carol hehe
with Racheal Tan
and Edmund...eh? same height?
Ren, Porkie and Yat
Quite a few bloggers were there but i didnt take picture hehe

That's about it...
Ooh one more thing, i knocked the wall/the wall knocked me that night; leaving a small scar on my shoulder...ouchh :'(

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