Saturday, 22 August 2009

Clive Anniversary @ Zouk

The days (weekend) ive been waiting for is finally here! Muahahaha...*evil laugh* and CLIVE is a starter to a great weekend :) It was Clive first year anniversary yesterday. The event starts at 830pm or at least the passes said so. But 830pm, i was still at home typing and sending out emails for work...and it was for my bro. I am helping him while he away for a vacation in China. He better bring home a pig for me!

So yea, i left my place at 9pm ...was rushing so i did not bother to dress up. In fact, i wore the wrong shoes. It doesnt go with what im wearing but i thought i wouldnt meet anyone and the club is dark *trying to convince myself*

the emcee

and the emcees
One of the main attraction/event for the night was meeting these hot chics!
Clive Magazine Cover Models.
*picture stolen from tian chad* :P

Met a few bloggers (jess, tianchad and jason) there..

jess and porkie
the rest? waiting for pictures from them :P hehe
Lots of activities going on onstage and lots of prizes given out (ie. black eye peas concert tickets ~I gotta feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a good nightthat tonight’s gonna be a good night~, sony ericsson handphones, and etc)

Here are few of the activites/games

1. The Doggie Way
Not as kinky as the title-the participants need to sniff and eat like a dog.
The fastest to find and eat up all chocolate coins in the pool of flour without using their hands walk home with ermm... what again? i think is handphone!
2. Sex education :P
6 lucky guys get to partner with 6 hot chics.
well, this time round, the guys dont need to do anything. Just stand there with 6bananas hang around their neck, stay cool and watch the girls do their trick!

The emcees hold up a hand full of condoms, i guess u know what are the bananas hanging around the guys neck are for by now!
The girls in action, putting on condoms
check out her sexy back!
she has so many tattoos...
not sure how many exactly but whats visible to me was 8tattoos...
some lucky feller walked home with another handphone
jason looked rather disappointed :P3. Masking Tape
After the bananas, they had another game called the masking tape game. I was hopping to see the guys get some legs waxing using masking tape :P haha but nope...that is not whats the game about! They stick 5 small pieces of masking tape at Strategic Location and the girls got to peel them out using their mouth only! Again Girlss.... what is this?? Girl power night?

-the game in action-

YEAP... thats me trying to peel off a masking tape from Josh Lim's right nipple! :S
Thank god, his shirt is on!

Unfortunately, i move too slow... :S couldn't get the one on the chin.

I felt like i am made to participate quite a lot recently.
Hmmm...Do i have that Good Sport look?!:P

Anyway, they have a lot of prizes given out through lucky draw. My bf was one of the lucky winner, he won himself a sony ericsson bluetooth speaker.

I shall go prepare for Ivan's bday party now.. ciao


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Wah, then you should go with your bf ar.
Sure can do faster~!!

Nice to c u there~

goingkookies said...

great pics! and sure looked like u guys had loads of fun!

chics looked chun...

Viya said...

banana eater ^^

Charlie said...

wow, what a fun filled event to be at.

Pork Chop said...

Tian Chad: haha he wont volunteer himself...but yea, definately! :)

GoingKookies: yea it was quite crowded and lots of fun :)

Viya: hehe i wonder what they do with the condom on bananas after the game!

Charlie: sure do...especially after a long week working hehe

Ravindra said...

The word "lucky guy" sure applies to one particular participant of d 2nd event lol

sy1n said...

eh eh.. i gave u the tix in the first place! so no need the pig laaaa

Pork Chop said...

ravindra: hehehe not in a good possition to judge that!

sy1n: still....i worked extra!!!