Saturday, 29 August 2009

Let's LAT!

Things to do this Merdeka (National Day)

1 PArty Party paarti
2 Take the opportunity to sleep zzzzz... :P
3 Visit the first Lat exhibition at Bangsar shopping centre. Tomorrow 31st Aug will be the last day for the exhibition.

Fast Facts: LAT cartoon is drawn by a well known local cartoonist, Datuk Mohammad Noor Khalid. What so special about Lat is that the drawing represents Malaysian; our culture and our lifestyle.

In the exhibition, there is about 60 sketches on display. I visited last week but i didnt see all 60 sketches yet because i wasn't feeling well-i needed sleep more than anything after ivan's bday party! haha

for those who love to read LAT, you can view some of them in NST's Gallery
Okay, i want to catch some sleep. Happy Merdeka.


kenwooi said...

i enjoyed reading lat comics back in high school =)

Pork Chop said...

kenwooi: i have few books at home...ermm used to! now dont know where edi lol