Saturday, 1 August 2009

Friday: JUICE 7th Anniversary @ MOS

It was JUICE 7th anniversary the day before yesterday. To begin with, my passes is not VIP passes but Jaynee happened to have spare VIP passes, so ive been upgraded from public invites to VIP! lol :P

It was damn crowded! I was there around 9pm and i saw a looooong queue. I never thought this scene- queuing up to enter a club would ever happen in Malaysia.

The event started off with Adidas Fashion show.
All the models were wearing very vibrant/neon colour makeup.

like i said earlier, the crowd was crazy!
Jaynee and me,
it was her last day at work :'( sob sob i will miss you especially lunch hours
keep it touch yea?! :)
The dresscode for that night was Sunnies + Neon Brights
My sister offered me her super bright neon green top. The super bright neon green top is actually a swimwear and the yellow skirt im wearing its actually a yellow tube dress! hehe
i felt so obedient to even follow the dresscode :S

three blind mice

Joey G was the host that night
and check out this dude! oh la la
she performed few songs but i dont know her name

and she moved too much that her 'thing' fell out several times
she should have worn a tighter top instead!This will be a picture of the best dressed nominees
(sorry i was standing at the wrong side)

guess what? Chris Tock was the Best Dressed winner. He got himself a red limited edition bottle of vodka! hahah the pink/purple ribbon on his head was quite cute

Chris Tock, Ren, Porkie and Wen Pink

some other pictures with other bloggers

porkie and ewin

Kristine and porkie
we were both in GREEN XD

Cicak and Porkie
(i thought u were showing ur middle finger to the camera :S)

wen pink, porkie and howard (picture stolen from howard)

"Bruce Lee" and porkie

Besides camwhoring, i also won something from the event ;)
What i need to do was to be the first on stage with all the items listed below
1.neon colour thing
2. a pair of sunnies
3. addidas item
4. WEARING a watch.

I only have neon colour thing (the top im wearing) and a pair of sunnies.
Instantly i have people around me throwing me stuff (wen pink just threw me her bag with addidas keychain and my bro took out his watch) and all of them pushed me up on stage :S i was quite blur and i did not know whats happening at that moment!

I was the first to be on stage but i did not win the first prize (3days 2nights in Langkawi) because i wasnt wearing the watch! i was holding it in my hand haha so i came second

i won 2X taster try climbing session, 2X basic wall course and 2X 10concession passess.
i am happy with what ive won because i think it will be a nice and different experience rather that a Langkawi trip hehe

Thanks to those who made me climbed up the "10 feet high" stage hehe especially wen and my bro *hugs* xoxo

hehe a picture stolen from flyguy :)
Jess, u look bored! haha

ive done wall climbing once and im looking forward to it :) Thanks again

groupie before leaving
My night ended with Bruce Lee's super kicked (for not wearing his watch)!haha :S


wen pink said...


Sue Me said...

aiya..i also feel "mm tai" for u. you should have won..aaahhh...i wana see my friend won. :)

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

omg! Camp5 vouchers!! T.T Awesomest stuff! hahaha...wooots! Yes we are very green people. great minds think a like. *winks* =P

Isaac Wong said...

I dnt show middle finger one. I so good boy.

Simon Seow said...

Better than me lor, I only got 1 dozen of free Krispy Kreme original glazed donuts

Pork Chop said...

wen pink: haha yea so close! but i still like the prize :)

Sue ME:haha its okay, i won second prize...still winning hehe XD

Kristine: Yea cool isnt it??? haha and agree-great minds think alike ;)

Cicak: yea right...but honestly, at first glance, u really look as if you are showing ..1..

Simon: haha you get to enjoy your donuts...not too bad!