Monday, 3 August 2009

Lux Masquerade Princess Search

Me, PorkChop...Lux Masquerade Princess Search???

reality strike: Oops...I did it! :P

Trust me, it was truly unintentional!
What happened was, my bro need to get some stuff from One Utama and he wanted second opinion, so he dragged me out the house. I really wanted to stay home to clean my room because its in a Massive Mess! *hate it so much now, eyesore eyesore grrr...*

Okay back to the topic, i was there and i saw Lux having a roadshow.
It caught my attention because i love masquerade mask! remember gung ho queen? :P hehe

To be eligible for the search, you will need to spend RM30 on their product, get free makeover on the spot and a free self portrait.

Pretty good deal. I bought three big bottles of body wash; all the latest all range. They have silk caress, soft kiss and velvet touch... very sweet fragrance. :)
Its promotion price, so about RM10+ per big bottles (dont remember exactly but i paid total RM32something..)
So yea, i filled up my personal particulars and they send me to quick makeover. The make up was really light and natural (my major intention was to get free makeover so i dont have to do my own for Heineken Green Room :P).

see, i have two people serving me like a princess haha

then the photo shoot
(i told u i didnt go there for this-i wore my comfy t-shirt n skirt and walked out the house with my crocs + i am so exhausted!)

Tadaaa...the result
hehe yea, i wish!
thats not me
This is mua!

They are only hunting for 6, fat chance(even tho ive been quite lucky nowadays)! haha but most importantly is the value and the fun i get out of RM30 XD

if you missed out the roadshow, dont worry
you can always send in your pictures :)
check out more in their website

Good luck Gals.


wen pink said...

wuuu nice!!! i wonder if they have a booth in mid valley/the gardens this thurs?

Anonymous said...

i think u should send in the picture of ur gung ho queen costume...good chance of winning.. the rest won't have the full works (costume etc)....then split the prize with me watever it is...muahahhaha :)

hugs xoxo
ur obviously gone cuckoo fren

Jy Shops ~ The Latest Fashion In Town said...

oo, i saw their booth last sunday too.

good luck ya..

Pork Chop said...

Wen Pink: nope, they dont!but u can try sending in pictures :)

Cuckoo Friend: hehe yea that elaborative custome is cool but i dont think i need another 3big bottles of body wash even tho they have very nice fragrance! :) hugs xoxo miss u

JY: Ooh did you give it a shot? and thanks hehe

Huai Bin said...

Wah very nice! Can I have some of your Lux? I ran out of soap. :(

KwOnG FeI said...

wa.. can see your face clearly liao than in costume~~

Pork Chop said...

Huai Bin: u are eyeing on my lux wth!?! time for u to go buy 3bottles, keep the receipt and give it to me :P thanks

Kwong Fei: hahaha most of my pictures are without mask! ;)

HitoMi^^ said...

wah, griza tipu kita lala...
thought really you man!!

But i agreed with you that the outcome not as nice oh...

Pork Chop said...

Hitomi: how to tipu?its so obvious! hehe anyway, i would say the outcome is very natural :) not like typical thick make up studio pictures :)

renaye said...


Pork Chop said...

renaye: Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

hey,I am Kimberley, finalist of Maybelline New York-Simply Fabulous
competiiton...Do u remember me? Surprise to knw tat u enter this competition...But Hepi 4 u too...u look veli cute n did u received any good news yet?or they still choosing the finalist?