Friday, 7 August 2009

Pinch ME!

Do you remember this?
me building my chocolate heaven castle

Well, Cadbury decided to supply me with more Chocettes to work on my castle!
Hmmm what am i trying to say?- I entered Cadbury Chocettes Blog n Win contest (a pretty short entry)and i am one of the lucky winner XD *pinched myself* yea its for REAL!

ive received my prize on Thursday

What ive got inside the paper bag is ...
of course, more chocolates to keep me smilling
a stack of notepadand 10 tickets for GI-Joe for tomorrow, unfortunately i can't make it plus ive already watch it on Thursday so i gave them away! Just wanna thank Cadbury for selecting me :)


Here are few pictures taken during GI-Joe Screening in GSC signature by SAMSUNG Jet.

pamsong, syin, porkie and kalai dining at Pardiso Restaurant (it was arranged by Samsung too)

people i met including
suresh, kalai, porkie, yitling, howard, pamsong
kimberly cun

and a lot more


Shilka said...

Gratz on the win =D Cadbury is yummy

Pork Chop said...

thanks shilka :) spare u some cadbury next time :)

danielle.karman said...
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