Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Ugly Truth Screening

omg omg omg, the ugly truth is this post is quite delayed! Time flies...I hope this is not too late to thank Josh Lim for "The Ugly Truth" tickets on the 7th September! I think that was the earliest screening for this particular movie.

i must say this is a very good romantic comedy-it is freaking hilarious!
and The Best Chick Flick Ever!

I was there (Cineleisure) 830ish pm to collect my tickets and it was my first screening with advertlets. I didn't know 97% of the people there but yea...i do recognize a few familiar faces :)

Then i disappear to visit the "Library".
It's a drinking library tho :P hehe the waitress were dressed like a librarian; white top ,black A-line skirt with a black frame specs as prop!

anyway, it was a total different experience in advertlets screening.
having gifts/souvenir flying around in the hall is definately exciting :P hehe

but i didnt manage to catch any of those flying object because i was seated at the very far end corner. In fact there's only two seats on my row :)

A picture of people in hall 10 stolen from Jason's blog.

Thanks again Josh for the invitations. It was Great :)


Anonymous said...

so naiss, u get to watch it so early.

Pork Chop said...

its great movie :) and i was lucky