Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Arthur's Day

Black Eyed Peas was awesome! i am glad i got free ticket to the concert but it was only for one only tho. My boyfriend bought another ticket to keep me company *awww sweet* but did not enjoy himself as much as i do (not a good night??)...sigh..

Anyway, i wasn't aware about the dress code at the beginning but when i found out later, i realize-'damn, i am wearing exactly what the dress code says.' I was in all black when i went to work in the morning...but i went home to change to my shorts which is also black in color too hehe

Upon reaching, i saw big crowd, all dressed in black!ooh I saw Ewin, Fly Guy, SmashPop and etc, i took a picture and went off. lol .. *Rude*

The entrance

36hours.5cities.1Global Celebration
To Arthur.

"this way to the most remarkable party"
i saw someone stealing this board on the way out! hehe
i was standing at the common people area; not bronze, not silver, not vvip! :P
quite pack and far from the stage, so i could only watch them from the giant screen but it was still good.

one stupid mistake! i did not charge my camera's battery :S
this is the last video i manage to record before the my camera KO!

Fergie-big girls don't cry

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