Sunday, 20 September 2009

Meeting the PM

I slept through the whole journey to Putrajaya for Raya Open House. Ohh well, sleep deprivation is common for me :P

Anyway, this is my first time attending the event and also my first time to putrajaya.
I find putrajaya quite a sight! i woke up when we reach putrajaya itself and took few pictures hehe

check out the sky!
So have u ever wonder what kind of peparation do you need before meeting the Prime Minister (besides sleeping) ???

the answer is...
a pair of sanitized hands!

it's not a joke!
the guards were holding bottles of dettol sanitizer.
i think they paid attention to clean hands more than anything else...
thank godness, they dont find my long nails threatening hehe :P

what's more exciting (might not be exciting to u) is our PM wearing striking PINK baju melayu :)

:) Selamat Hari Raya :)


Simon Seow said...

I heard this is the same baju melayu he wore when he's accepting the transition of PM post from Pak Lah.

wen pink said...

walao so nice can meet the PM!!! And ur nails really long eh...

Pork Chop said...

simon: issit? i have no idea.

WenPink: u can go meet him too ... hahah raya mah :P and yes, my nails are long!