Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Lurve Affair on Facebook!

Some of you might have heard or seen the Lurve Affair contest. I think the application on facebook is pretty cool.

I've just started exploring/playing with the application awhile ago and i am stuck with it...even though i felt really impatient with my slow internet connection! Arghhh...

There is this bar called "Lurve O Meter"!
So far, i managed to gathered 32points... hehe
Okay, how to earn points for your Lurve O Meter?

Few different ways but ill show you "Sprinkle a lil Lurve".
'Sprinkle a lil Lurve is basically decorating your photo/photo of your friends to express your Lurve! :D
What a good way to express Lurve! dont you think so?

Taking this great opportunity, i want to express my lurve to my bro! hehe
see the little menu navigation? there's where you pull in exciting elements to express...
I lurve my bro so much that i pimped his face into 'extra spicy yummylicious omlete!'
gagagagaga Cute?
Go get involved and you might win Cash prizes!
pinkporkie is imagining ($-$) shopping for free....weeeee

Lurve Affair is definately going strong in Facebook...


Huai Bin said...

Nice! I want to be LURVE-d too. :(

Simon Seow said...

I give up.

syin said...

u wait!... lemme show how much I LURVE U later!

Pork Chop said...

Huai Bin: you have enough love from your readers :D dont be greedy! :P

Simon: why give up?

Syin: hehehe its okay, your lurve is better elsewhere! :P