Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Bumpy Ride

My first 4wD Adventure to Lata Berembun was great minus the annoying, loud organizer who can't manage the trip well. Seriously, she was freaking loud even without an amplifier. The itinerary given wasn't clear. It says: "have you breakfast before you come" but half way through the journey, organizer decided to have breakfast 1st. If we knew we are stopping for breakfast, we wouldn't even wake up at 445AM for god sake! Sleep is essential for a pig! I love to sleep and i need to sleep! Oh well i shouldn't be the one complaining because lucky me get to sleep in the car. hehe but not so lucky for the driver. Thanks for driving us around soon :)

like mentioned, it was my first 4WD adventure.
Also my first time seeing so many 4WD parked side-by-side.
quite cool :D

a groupie before the adventure...

In the 4WD, i held on so tight that the next day my arm hurts. It was quite a roller coaster ride at the beginning where i can feel my arse is not on the seat with my feet not touching the ground my head... really got to constantly bend down to keep my head safe. I got slap on the face once for not keep my head low.

we took a picture mid-way when we were queuing to go through a rough path.

when we reach the hiking trail, i was all muddy already. Mud got stuck on my hair, on my shorts and a smudge on my t-shirt.

we hang around the first water falls for a short while before hiking up the trail for more waterfalls.

the water was so clear and cooling but i did not swim because stupid me forgotten all about bathing suit; i spend most my time worrying about leeches.
I've done "all" the leeches prevention "in the world" the night before.

i bought stocking

and soaked it with tobacco for an hour before i hang it to dry.
that's my leg with stocking. Kinda weird wearing a pantyhose for outdoor.
but whatever keep leeches away! teehee
hmm guess what, my brother was trying his best to keep leeches away too...

So you must be wondering why are we so Kiasi???hehe we had a bad experience where lots n lots of blood thirsty leeches literally chasing us at kuala kubu baru. There was no escape, i got sucked once or twice and many times close-call hence we are so chicken shit after that experience. haha

hiking up to the second waterfalls, some path was quite steep.
jeng jeng jeng the pathway was damp=leeches love it!
but i was surprise, there isn't many. Only few people got leeched out of hmm around 60 people
that is it...
the second waterfalls.

i did my "signature" bridge

on my way back, i swear i fell asleep in the 4wd :S

i had some minor scratches and blister on the hand
zero leeches
but i was stung by a tiny bee. It HurTs!

can't really see it in picture, its like a mosquito bite mark
but it hurts bad at that moment.

hey, porkie do outdoor too ;)


taufulou said...

u memang extreme ler~

Pork Chop said...

taufulou: nahh, it wasnt very extreme heehee:)