Friday, 25 June 2010

Sygic AURA's 3D Navigation

Okay, i admit!
I have little to zero sense of direction.
I got lost in KL; circling around town for an hour before i found my home!

& Map is not the friendliest thing created for me!

Recently, i found an app that will lead me to everywhere i like without getting lost.
Sadly, its only applicable for Iphone so far

So the app was actually downloaded on my friend’s phone but i played with it.

This app i talking about here is the New Sygic’s 3D GPS which delivers a futuristic, content-rich navigation experience for pedestrians and drivers in Malaysia and Singapore.

My first encounter with the app is that, i get to choose between a sexy woman voice or a manly man voice to tell me the directions. Heeheee (well, i always thought GPS only comes with a woman voice)

The application leverages Tele Atlas maps and content including Advanced City Models of major cities with photorealistic display, 2D and 3D City Maps, 3D Landmarks and Digital Elevation Models, which dramatically raise the clarity and reality of screen images for end users to see exactly where they are and easily find what they want.

Besides that, the app also crosscheck the speed limits. It will tell if you are within the speed limits set for that particular road.

See the "80" sign in the picture? That's the speed limit, once you go pass 80 it will buzz u haha

Other features including social networking. As soon as u log in, you will get real time information on your friend’s location or status (only if your friend is log in as well). When stalking comes easy :P

You also get to look up the weather forecast and traffic information for a smoother ride.

Overall, i think this is a nice to have app.
Check out the video preview, its quite cool

For more information including pricing and availability of Sygic's AURA is available at (


Chris Thoo said...

told you to get iphone you wouldn't listen..
haih.....go take a walk outside & think of what you have done wrong....mwahhaha

TOLANIC said...

Fuahh, got 3D! So nice! Lag or not?

Pork Chop said...

Chris: dont want! :P

Tolanic: right? lag or not hmmmm when i use.. no lag!hahaha but i only saw it twice because the app is instored in my friend's iphone