Friday, 17 December 2010

Seoul, Korea

Dear Diary, sorry for the mess up agenda. I am guilty for not recording for several months. Let me recap hows the porkie's life been last month.

In November (16 nov to be exact), i flew to Seoul, Korea for holidays. Korea has been one of the destination in my head. I wanted to booked the Air Asia X package to Korea when they first launched but it was sold out quite fast, a little disappointed . Then later, I got lucky, my company announced a company trip to Korea :D so it was mostly subsidize by the company.

It was autumn when i was there; very cold & chilly. Day time average @ 4'c night time average @ 0-1'C.

Upon reaching Incheon Airport, tour bus was already waiting for us. First stop was the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). The area is tightly watched by the army; they will check individual passport.

The DMZ area is approximately 4km, the border between south & north korea. The tour guide brought us to the observation area. Just a few binoculars for tourist to view north korea. Again army walking around to make sure the photographer don't step out of the yellow box. basically, you can't use your camera outside the yellow box area. I heard from the tour guide, the purpose of this was to protect & prevent spy

They also showed us documentary...several underground tunnels were built half way & discovered by the Seoul Korean. The third tunnel was discovered somewhere 19XX dont remember but it is now open for tourist to visit. Its a long bumpy walk down the tunnel, and whats in there? some bob wires! hehe the weather was at 4'C but after completing the tunnel walk? it felt as tho the weather increased drastically to 25'C! very good exercise indeed :P

Also visited the freedom bridge; where i bridged like a free man :S

Dorasan station was the railway that once connect both countries, north & south korea

Also notice most of Korea tourist highlight includes places that been some famous movie/drama set. This particular1 was the setting from "de chong gum" drama place

the set was quite huge but of course on TV it looks even larger than live.

Another film set was @ nami island where winter sonata was filmed.
This is my favourite place to visit in Korea after Jeju Island

Around the island, they had mapped out the scene from the drama.
& this spot here is where they filmed the first kiss scene :)

*t0 be continue*


Alex said...

cute! follow my new blog :)

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