Sunday, 25 April 2010


I haven't update my blog for two weeks plus again! Time is my biggest enemy and i don't see it getting any better in the near future. I am quite frustrated for having so little time for so many things. What i've been up to? Serious answer would be nothing besides work. Don't get me wrong, i am not complaining ut i'm accepting the fact because i understand that i am still at the very beginning stage of learning my job. There's so much to learn but just so little time to digest.

So last Sunday(yesterday), after finishing up some work in office, i decided to catch up with the remaining of my Sunday by doing things that i will do if given time...

1. I bake...

i like baking but very often afraid to try the result :P haha
i baked this time mainly because im excited to try out the new piggy cookie cutter i bought the day before. here's the picture of the piggy sugar cookies i baked.

2. I paint...

painting nails was the thing i do every week back in secondary school. I go to school with different colors (light colors) and nail arts every week...i never get caught in school! :P just close calls. I wanted to take up manicure classes too but did not do it at the end..
because i stopped painting my nails for ages, i can't paint them nicely now...
i got lazy and gave out after 5fingers, the other five fingers are naked!

3. I "dress"...

nah, more like i put on make up even tho i was just going out for a drink nearby that because i didn't have much time to do it on working days :S

4. I Chill...

basically, i get some nice drinks before i end the night :)

i am quite happy to be able to do so much (personal thought) in a day.
Sunday should be Sundae-like!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Honeypot Wax

Ready to feel sexy? But not ready to go through the pain?

An award winning wax salon Honeypot Wax Boutique can achieve sexiness without much/any pain! Honeypot Wax Boutique is not open at Bangsar Shopping Centre, they offer full waxing services from top to toe including Ehemm... pussy which is their specialty ...

Anyway, i was given a free trial on any of their service. I wanted to wax my arms and legs but the hair was too short to be waxed. I was told it needs to be at least 0.5cm long to qualify for waxing, so be sure you don't make the same mistake as me ya.

I dont have hair above my lips, no hairy camel toe, so what else can i wax besides XXX?
like any Brazilian waxing virgin would do... i hesitated very long but at the end i went ahead with l'amour (heart shape :P)

I like the salon; its not a big one but the environment is indeed very relaxing. Maybe its just for me because all the things were in pink :P pink towels, pink wall and etc...Aside from that, the staff are committed to high standards of hygiene. They use disposable spatulas, gloves and cotton bedspreads.

and as a first timer for Brazilian waxing, my mind was preset that its gonna be hell painful treatment. The treatment process begins with cleansing the area, analyzing the hair, trimming, then come spreading the warm wax.To my surprise, i did not feel much pain. Some areas/spots were totally pain free.

After the first brazilian waxing experience with honeypot, i discovered pain is no longer an issue for me, i just need to get over with the weird feeling of having someone staring at my pussy...

Just in case you want to know the price:
Basic Bikini RM30
In Between RM60
Butterfly RM70 (waxing the inner sides)
Hollywood 98 (a complete wax)
Playboy RM110 (a thin strip left)
L'amour RM115 (heart shape)

you can refer here for Honeypot's full service + price list including manicure and pedicure

i think its affordable with the professional service and they are using high quality wax and aftercare products suitable for sensitive area imported from Australia and UK

the products name are kinda cute and descriptive
Cherry pie
The smooth operator... clean

Pain Free Potion

Overall rating: 4/5 stars

Go give it a try @ Honeypot Wax Boutiques
Bangsar Shopping Center
S123, 2nd Floor,
285 Jalan Maarof,
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (03) 2092 5598

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Pork Day

It's my birthday :D

neh...not anymore :(

anyway i had a great one this year and it was... BOOMZ :P
A big thank u to all who had spare their time in planning and celebrating with me.

well, below is the itinerary for my Boomz 2010's birthday celebration.
my birthday was on the 28th of March, Sunday.
I started receiving presents two weeks before the actual day or i prefer to tell ppl its half a month earlier because it sounds longer :P

Because my birthday is on Sunday, my colleagues planned a MASSIVE birthday surprise in office on Friday (2days before), setting the right party mood for me hehe

this was the massive part of the surprise.

yeap, the picture above is my colleagues literally wrapped almost everything they can find on my desk including my cpu, monitor, keyboard, mouse and etc.

they also arranged my soft toys on top the cabinet...
i felt like they were wishing me happy bday as well haha that's just the delusional part of me!

while i found partially naked Homer Simpson stuck on my window wishing me happy bday...this for sure is not my delusional thoughts
more picture of my wrapped up desk :)

Besides the wrapping, they2 pasted sweet & nice messages with cute & "sexy" pictures on my desk

these two pictures were the one with "sexy" element
dirty old man on the left and flasher holding a balloon on the right!
and this is one of the cutest1...pig smiling with teeth :D

unwrapping "pressie" in early morning was quite fun
first thing i unwrapped was my keyboard

followed by my monitor...

but where's my mouse???
slowly i discover all my missing stuff in individual wrappings.
my calculator, headphone, mouse and stationary

my planner

my bottle
and my phone!!! no wonder it was a bit quiet hehe
then they "trick" me into the meeting room to cut cake.
it was the best Friday i ever had. I finished work earlier and went for a dinner with my bf then head to 21@bsc for a drink with a friend. The drinks was on him :D thanks.
So yeap, that's all for friday.

On Saturday, i was just chilling at home until evening i went out for dessert and pampered myself with one hour massage.
kalai again booked me through my bf this year only this time i knew abt it earlier.
she was running late that night while i reached the venue (it was 21@bsc haha, yeap i was there 2consecutive days) right on time. I haven't eaten yet, so i choose to have my dinner at dome, as a result, i saw my guests walking pass me hehe kinda my intention to seat there too :P

they got me a cake but my first reaction was :"what? they just revealed my age!"
ha ha

applying the traditional candle biting "game" on me...
thank god i was fast enough or they slow after drinking :P
i did not get any chocolate on my face *phewww*

the girls
Align Centre
group pix...not exactly, some were missing

it was quite a fun night

that i kissed the glass. =='''

on the actual day, i woke up by noon and went to the rabbit farm.

its called rabbit farm but there were other animals too
i.e moo cow

seeing the cute little ones helping themselves...

notty monkey
even dogs were part of the farm visit
but what i love the most was the ponies

they are so cute, i cant stop patting them

how i wish i can keep one as pet.

after rabbit farm the plan was to go go-karting but oh me god i forgotten abt it and i wore a dress plus heels. So plan canceled :(

Dinner was my choice; i went for korean
we went the restaurant named KimchiHaru

main reason...
i was craving for korean noodles/ instant noodles :S
anyway the food was quite nice.
we also ordered bibimbap too
Align Centreit comes with some side dishes

including the must have kimchi

hmm which 1 shd i pick?
although the place is quite small but it was quite nice
i was distracted with all the korean group mtv playing on the screen and that ends the night :)
Align Centrehere are some of the presents received.

three charms


and not forgetting the lunches

dim sum @ house of tang, one bangsar
Align Centre
sugimoto @ hartamas

Align Centre
and some others that i did not take any pictures i.e. the dress, the manicure, the friday's night dinner in some thai restaurant err sorry dont remember the name, drinks@21, @souled out @baskin robbins

Thank u again.
muaks xoxo

Special thanks to boss koala, janice, pearly, karen, althea, eileen, zufar, faiz, kalai, ashley, kj, carrey, ivan (for coming! its big deal really.. :D). Zoe, jc, jane, jeremyS & eugene for coming as well. also to my family+woo wen chern of course...err lastly thanks to shall not disclose here :P