Wednesday, 21 November 2012

That's How Much You Mean To Me!

Today... just out of a blue moon, i decided to revisit my blog.
As i punch in my url, i saw this...

All pictures uploaded in my blog now replaced with a black blank box with a "no entry" sign on it.
i've checked everything i could and discovered 0 pictures in my picasa album.
i'm not sure where all the pictures went. could have been some bug.
I have no idea. All i know is, i feel very sad over the missing pictures mainly because i had loads of my memories recorded here.

I guess those pictures meant a lot to me because i'm not good in writing or expressing myself through words.
I rely very much on pictures to narrate every bits of my life/stories; a picture is worth a thousand words!

Come to think of it, blogging has been an amazing journey for me.
Its been such a long time...
I started blogging since 2008, that was when i was studying in Liverpool, UK.
I thought it would be a nice way to keep my family and friends posted with my life in UK.

Blogging afterall is not just an open diary.
It has been like a close friends who just sit & listen whenever i need someone to "talk" to. *pathetic*.
I can go on and rant about almost anything. and i also love reading comments from others.
I remembered my first posting, my dad drop me a comment, the comment brought me so much joy and encouragement. Through blogging, i've also made some friends, get to understand a bit of what social advertising is about, and gave me different experiences (blogging events, launches, parties) just help to me to be less introvert and live livelier i guess...

Although i haven't been updating much but i still love what i had before!
Oh dear blog, I never knew how much you mean to me until now, at this moment, when i discovered parts of you is missing, You, my blog, has always been a part of me!

I will try my best to restore you bit by bit
*drama queen*


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