Tuesday, 15 December 2009

I'm Not Proud of It!

When it comes to the messiest room; my room is clearly one of them!
I believe anyone would agree!and i don't think many people will come close to this...
yes i got the messiest room and im not proud of it!

this is my room, shared between my two married sisters

In fact, i am hate it very much. This feeling is building up bit by bit. You might think i am foolish to get upset over a messy room when one can just tidy up. Simply as that isnt it? Just Clear up those junk/Crap!

I wish it was that simple because those are not all my junk!
Yes, my sisters are no long physically sharing the room but their stuff? a Big YES.

When it comes to cleaning, its always me and only me!
Fine, ill do it for the sake of having a better environment....

So i've repainted the room myself, bought a big ass wardrobe which cost RM2250, a new mattress RM440...total RM 2690! Do i make that much $$$? the answer is no.

Okay fine, monetary might not be that important.
What make me blow is the big ass wardrobe, i am not the one who came out with the idea. The one who came out with the idea run away and left everything to the fool (ME) to take care of. From cleaning to paying. Its very obvious that my parents trying to make peace/prevent the war , so they insist to pay for the wardrobe!

I dont think anyone will understand my frustration...because u can never "FIT" into my shoes (my own phrase)!


Sue Me said...

wait till you see my rented room here in Subang..you will think yours is a teeny weeny mess compared to mine. And best of all, I am sharing it with myself and I hate cleaning LOL..

And I know how you feel. You are gonna be ok because you are PINK and you are PPC! Woohoo..that was random but heck..

Anonymous said...

try feeling felt out. try feeling the way that others also felt! u are NOT the only one who felt it! when ppl did offer to pay, you are the one who rejected it! so, don't blame anyone! parents are the one who has done a lot of the work too! classic example of good intension turns bad!

Pork Chop said...

sue: Thanks sue, i hope i can sort out the mess before xmas. havent seen u for sometime :(...

Anonymous: at least u dont see it in ur face every single day! and i rejected because i felt its not necessary anymore; it wont buy me/make me happier! sorry, i dont know how to appreciate ur good intension...thanks bye

taufulou said...

woah!~ that's your room? my gawd!

Alpha Ace said...

it looks oK wat .. i know lah
the burglar just left the scene rite???


anyway, wishing u a blessed New Year ahead ya~

Jack Ng said...

hello ...... just drop by to say hi ....... Happy new year !!!

( ur room is so cool =P )

Pork Chop said...

taufulou: yeaa mannn haha my gawd!

Alpha Ace: i how so :S stupid burglar, dint take anything but messed up the place :S

Jack Ng: hey hi, u were one of the people in la bodega right? hehe ooh happy new year

Sherry said...

yeah so expensive.. me oso think to get new closet but aiya.. no money. dont wan la... just let it be.

Pork Chop said...

Sherry: all the best.. haha btw i filled up my wardrobe already!!!! :S