Sunday, 3 January 2010

The CountDowns

I've been abandoning this place for quite some time; only 2 crappy post for the last month of 2009. Whats up with me? well, long story cut short, i was emo-ing! hahaha :P Few factors, first was the "room war" as per the previous post, second no time (bad reason but true)...probably need to improve my time management skill...and yada yada yada!

I apologize to those who visited me and find no updates :S Sorry :(

Anyway, the last bits of December 09 wasn't that bad for me after all.
All the countdowns parties had cheer me up :D Haha and they are quite different from what i've previously.

Xmas CountDown: Tragic Yet Funny Experience
it started off with plan cancelled just few days (2/3days) before xmas! *tragic* :(
i thought i might ended up staying home so i made the biggest "swear" ever on twitter and plurk; i said "if i find no party this xmas eve, i am gonna walk down the stress, distributing sweets to "unfortunate kids" in Santarina Costume =='''" Thank god i dont have to do that...haha ive gathered 3 friends for xmas eve dinner at la bodega, pavillion; small group but sweet ppl :)

ivan, zoe and me.
the 3rd person fenix couldnt meet us for dinner because he was still on his way from Malacca.

from the lonely three; i met coco, suresh and gang.
and they all decided to have dinner together....

so from 3 to so many
(nice meeting u guys btw :))

After dinner, we split ourselves because me and zoe wanted to shop.
i bought myself xmas pressie :S The most expensive lollipops ever!
total damage: +-RM400 *shopaholic tragic*

anyway, the worst tragic of the night was when my tube dress/suit's zipper torn!
what happened was, one of the ribbon (for hanging purpose) got caught in zipper. I was struggling in the toilet with no air-conditioner; when the ribbon finally came out, the zipper is torn...i couldnt fix it! :S

When i was struggling, panicking, sweating like mad in the toilet, that was exactly when ppl shouted "10...9...8........3...2...1 Merry Xmas" :'(

Ivan came to the ladies to rescue me with fenix's jacket!

so the rest of the night, i relied on this small little hooks and the jacket, of course.
thank god it didn't snap. If it did, my dress gonna fall straight down because the zipper was all the way up till my hips

Fenix's jacket is so huge for me.
I felt like a flasher and i got caught in action *scary picture* :S

So that was xmas!

for new year eve, i went on a most impromptu trip in my life so far!
first stop was Pangkor...celebrating by the beach isnt that bad but for a city girl who are use to loud and huge crowd, i find it a bit too quiet for the occasion!

chilling by the beach

watching 10secs long fireworks

and some ppl crowding the lit up wording that says "Happy New Year"!
i think its quite cool.

did some light photography on the beach-
i tried drawing a pig
but its a total failure :S

and these are the booze for the 4 of us...
technically for the 3 of us because my bf doesnt drink muchSince Pangkor is such a small island, we managed to finish touring the whole island in our rental car within 30mins :S so we decide to leave pangkor the next day for penang.

we stopped at ipoh for late lunch

then continued our journey to Penang

3places in 3days! very random but it was something different
the only groupie we had :D
the end


Jack Ng said...

Hello ......... nice to meet u pinkporkchop ...... happy new year !!!

jfook said...

Happy new year!!!

Simon Seow said...

So happening. Xmas eve, I watched 2 movies in a row, alone T_T said...

Nice pictures, nice count down.

Happy belated new year! hehe

Ninja Coffee said... does look like a pig!

wen pink said...

Nice bag!!!!
Happy New Year, PPC! :D
I am back in KL btw! hhehehee~
have a good year ahead!

Pork Chop said...

Jack: nice meeting u too, but i never want to speak to u again! :P i remembered that!

jfook: happy new year to u too :)

simon: awww

boonis: hehe thanks, same to u, happy belated new year :)

ninja: really? Woohooo... u just made my day :D

wen: happy new year... i miss uuuuu hehehe

JIPP said...

wow. You went to Penang. Haven't been there yet. May be soon. I just wish you hv posted more pics. :-)

stephanie yen ling kok said...

omg u were u png on NYE .. sud have called me :)

Pork Chop said...

JIPP: sorry, i didnt take much picture this round :S you should go some day! the land of char keow teow :)

Stephanie: u r there? OMG damn i shd meet up with u :(

Sherry said...

wow.. u sure know how to have fun.. keep it up :D

Pork Chop said...

Thanks sherry ... hehe i hope i have more fun 2010 and same to you:)