Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Treat Ur Stomach Better this 2010!

...I mean after all the year end parties(assuming all the parties are mainly drinking parties), i am sure you need some healthier yet delicious food :P

Crystal Jade chains might be a place for u and me :) I've long forgotten how Cantonese Cuisine and Shanghai Delicacies taste like until i went for a food tasting in Crystal Jade Restaurant @ The Gardens. Yeap, that is what they serve; cantonese cruisine and shanghai delicacies!

I like CJ restaurant concept whereby you get to see what's the chef is doing and how they prepare the food through the glass window. That way, you can also ensure that any food that landed on the floor will not be served on your plate! :P

One of the Key Must TRY item is 'Xiao Long Bao'
it's a soupy pork dumpling.

The chef was doing a demonstration.
The preparation process including
1) Whisking 4 grams of high protein flour with 2 grams of cold water.
2) Knead dough weighing around 6 grams for 30 seconds.
3) Roll out the dough
4) Put ingredients consisting 22 grams of 70% lean pork meat and 30% fat port meat from pork;s neck or belly area with little seasoning.
5) Make 18-20 folds, each xiao long bau should weight around 28 grams.
6) Bring the water to boil and steam xiao long bao using a basket steamer for approximately 6 minutes.
As i mentioned earlier, it's soupy pork dumpling, it has soup inside the dumpling skin...duhhh...
so you got to be caution when eating. The soup might burn your to tongue.

My way of eating it is to
1. get to the soup
just poke a small hole with your chopstick and start sipping the soup.
Remember not to hold the dumpling with your chopsticks only because the skin can easily tear and you dont want to miss the soup part right?!

2. the remaining bit
when you are done with the soup, basically just eat up the yummy pork dumpling.
you can served some ginger slices doused in vinegar but its totally up to your preference.
i dont like ginger so i find it tastier to eat it without :)

Xiao Long Bao @ RM8.80

The second demonstration was on "la mian" also known as the pulled noodles. I was amazed with the "la mian" making process...

using only his hands, he can pull a dough into fine noodles.
Amazing part is that he can make different format of noodles out of the plain dough.
from the finest, to fine, and thick noodles.

La Mian process video

Stewed La Mian with Spicy Shredded Chicken @ RM13
the noodles was served cold but it was surprisingly good.

Another la mian that ive tried was
Soup La Mian with Dried Shrimp & Peanut in Spicy Sauce @ RM12

it has a very nice peanut taste and fragrance which makes it different from our normal la mian soup.

Other than xiao long bao and la mian, there are other dishes

Black Fungus with Shredded celery in Sesame Oil @ RM9.80

pan-fried pork dumpling @ RM7
Pork Dumpling with Chili Sauce @ RM10
i personally prefer this over pan-fried dumpling because i like spicy food and its something different.

Fried pan-cake with scallion & Pork Floss @ RM10
its really crunchy. It will be a good snack.

Last but not least, the Chilled Water Chestnut Cream with Pomelo @ RM7
will helps you 2clear the taste in your mouth and give you a very nice cooling feeling because its chilled! :)

i find the portion rather big for me, i couldn't finish the la mian on my second visit.
So you might want to consider sharing the noodle and order more side dishes.