Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Private Party...Nice One!

Party?...I like :P

i was invited to the Carlsberg FHM Girls Next Door Private Party.
A big Thank U to junjunriko for inviting...

Besides, the nice location...(Carlsberg's factory), the FHM girls and the bloggers...
this is the secret ingredient for the great party-
Free Flow of Carlsberg XD
junjunriko invited my bro too..
so we went together but we were so darn late!!!
jie jun sorry for that :(
these are the FHM Girls Next Door
thats me and vivien in the center
then i found out that, OMG i knew one of FHM Girls through work,

there were some games and activity that i missed (i.e. the drinking game)
so this is the balloon game, i managed to win some Carlsberg's premium item
try to hunt for me in the first picture :P
i havent been to much event lately so i havent see these lovely people for quite a bit...
i.e. Michelle

emeryn, she was all red when i saw her haha

Carol who haven't tell me her secret in losing some inches Align Centre
Ah Bok
joshua ong, he captured some video from the party, you should really watch it.david and chris

and this will be rivalry between me and ren HaHa :P

there were a lot more hot female bloggers but i dint not take picture with them (you know who u are;) )..sorry, a bit shy :P hehe

groupie...not exactly, just some of the people :S

Now you should watch the crazy night...
i was laughing like mad in the video gagaga


Jack Ng said...

Nice One .... !!!

chris_lim said...

Cool party and lots of booze

Sherry said...

hi wanna ask if you get your prize from the lux yet?

taufulou said...

u didnt drink enough la that nite..:p

Pork Chop said...

Jack: yeaa nice one :)

Chris_lim: it was a really nice nite :)free booze and lots of hot chics for guys

Sherry: ermm the video i made for lux its more like an advertorial thingy. Did you submit yours? you should be receiving the exclusive lux pack if u are one of the first 5 :)

Taufulou: yeaa i did not drink enough but it was good enough:P