Tuesday, 16 February 2010

My Pink Room

Remember the post where i shared about my room and the not very nice virtual war i have with my sis?

well, just to refresh your memory...
this was then

& this is now :)
(steph, u were the first to see my 'new' room among my friends)

i repainted my room pink with some help from my dad and my bf *thanks*. That was when i realize painting is not as easy as it looks but definitely a very good workout for the arms! Got some wall stickers too to decorate the empty walls and i must say i am pretty happy with the results. :)

I got pink bedsheets as well to match the whole pink theme in my room but i couldn't find design with pigs on it :( probably the halal issue in my country! hehe

ooh spot my dumbbell:P
left side of my room, i got a cupboard, a mini side table and a full length mirror.
i displayed some of my piggy plushies on the top of my shelf
and my tinkerbell collection
also hung some of my earrings on the plannermore pink stuff would be my runaway clock, a lil accessories hanger i got from xmas, a pig tissue box cover and scented candles :P

on the other side of the room, i have my PC
and the expensive big arse wardrobe...doesnt look that big in pictures

two sliding doors with three ermm compartment/section? dont know what is the word for it. :S
what i like about it is the sliding mirror :P

my dresses...cant get enough!my make up

and a drawer full of accessories :)

hmm i guess that's about it! :)
what you think of my revamped room?


lilShorty said...

OMG its so neat!!!! :)

stephanie k said...

lol-ed.. its funny when i reached the ''steph ur the 1st'' part .. duno why

im so pink-i-licously jealous!!!!! i have woody brown furniture with purple walls and cacat-ed glowing star :((((

ohh! and nice accessories there! :)

Pork Chop said...

lil shorty: lol you find it neat because u have seen the worst! u can come to launch it anytime hehe :)

Stephanie: thanks and yea, i just realize that you are the first among my friends. i like purple too :) haha i dint see ur glowing star but the aquarium was cool :P LOL

ashley said...

nice one~lik kalai said it is so neat!!good Job ya =)

sy1n said...

lil shorty actualy saw the 'under construction' stage during her drunken stage :p

Pork Chop said...

ashley: thanks haha

sy1n: HAHAha forgotten about that!

chris Thoo said...

mwahahaha....IT'S REALLY PINK!!!!