Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Hair Suicide

I don't think hair suicide is an existing term.
...hmm let's just say i created the term based on personal experience :P

i am a person who can't leave my hair alone!
every few months, i will do something to my hair...
normally i just get a trim that no one would notice the different. :S
and very often i get bored of my hairstyle.

i.e Last year i chopped off my long hair to a bob and maintain mid length.
Now that i missed my long hair so i decided to keep it long again.
However, waiting for it to grow to the length is quite suffering.
i can't trim much and trimming won't give me a different look/style.
Several times, i wanted to do hair extension for the sake of getting my long hair back.
But i hold myself back because i didn't want to waste too much $$$

In early June, the hair thing (i want different hairstyle, but at the same time i still want to keep it long) strike my head again. So desperate for a change.

I went to cut a dolly bangs.
By July, i went back to my usual hairstyle because i was lazy to maintain the bangs.
I had it trimmed once myself and that was it.

In the last week of July, i couldn't stand my hair colour any more. The colour was faded and my hair had grown an inch long! So i bought a pack of BLACK colour hair dye and dye it myself.

Then come August, i saw some promotion at Monsoon-id
and i did Korean spa hair perm!

I quite like the result, very little curls but it looks more natural.
Ooh did i tell you what happen to my black color dye?
I think its the chemical they used to perm my hair. It kind of washout most of the black hair dye.
Leaving a quite bad patchy looking hair color
2 weeks later i bought Liese, Chiffon Beige.
The newly release bubble hair dye.

it was quite cool and i thought i was easier as compared to normal hair dye

massaging to make sure all the colour is even.
but my hair was tangled quite bad maybe because i just perm my hair.
In another words, not advisable for curly hair!

and please make sure read the instruction before use &
watch the how-to video! XD

the colour only came out after a few wash.
but i think the hair dye damaged my curls...:S
the curls almost gone now...sighh its only been a month

all done in 1 1/2 month= hair suicide

my hair is so dry & damaged now but yet i am still thinking to try out something new when i go Korea for holiday in November :D That is if i have time to visit the hair salon.


Brenda said...

Is the bubble hairdye good to use?

aiwei said...

My hair suicide it perm the hair and straighten it aften 1 month. So got nothing in the end but hole in pocket...

wen pink said...

good review!! i am currently using the Be Bubbly liese hair dye too! very user-friendly!

Pork Chop said...

Brenda: i think it could have been better for me if i did not curl my hair

aiwei: hehe we are the hair suicidal :P

wen pink: haha i hope ur colour turn out good :)

MRS. RIDZ said...

u can try perming @ A cUt hair salon @ tmn melawati..
i did it once.. n it lasts like forever! even after i had my hair dyed.. only rm250 including treatment..

magnus said...

you are quite pretty.