Saturday, 11 September 2010

My First Canvas Painting

I've always love oil painting on canvas and always wanted to try painting one myself.
But i'm not good with painting nor serious about it.

So one day, i decided to fill my weekends with something different.
i went to the shop nearby my place to get some tools...
i got a 12inch X12inch canvas
and a box of oil pastel crayon because i realise brushes are not cheap.

Since i haven't painted anything since high school art class project, i didn't trust myself with freehand painting. Hence, i tried sketching with pencil first.
I didn't like what i've sketched and when i trying to remove the pencil marks....i simply can't.
I just smudge the area i erased on (told u its my first canvas painting experience) :S so i googled on how to erase pencil mark from canvas. Generally, i learned two ways.
i. to paint over it
ii. use gum erase

I can't find the gum erase so i decided to paint over it. Because i am using oil pastel crayon, it just smudge the pencil marks further.

i ended up buying oil pastel color and some cheap brushes to paint over it,
i was trying to be a smarty0pants; trying to save some $$$ ended up paying more for the lesson :S

at the end, i painted a pig freehand XD
it was quite a fun and relaxing to do different stuff once in a while.

here's another picture of my pig painting,
hope u like it :)


Dylan Phuah said...

or you could buy acrylic paint. they come in tubes, so you can choose which colour you want. :)

or you could just get the primary colours or REG, BLUE, YELLOW and Black and White.


waiting for more of your artworks!

taufulou said...

ehhh..quite nice eh..for first time consider good liau~ :)

Pork Chop said...

Dylan: yea i saw some sold in individual tubes, but i think buying a small set is still cheaper :)

i bought another canvas :D hehe

taufulou: haha just some kiddish drawing of mine. anyway, thanks and dint expect to bump into u today ;)

rotu.usm said...

Salam kepada semua...nak mintak izin admin nak tumpang promosi perniagaan boleh tak... boleh la klik sini...terima kasih...peace