Sunday, 28 February 2010

Kayaking Course

For the month of February, my weekends has been quite adventurous minus the CNY weekend and the weekend where i was down with fever, cough, sore throat and yada yada yada...

One of the adventurous weekend was for paintball (which i will blog later) and the other one weekend for kayaking course! The kayaking course i took was 2 days long at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa- the big but not so clean lake. The course i took is called 'Anugerah Bintang Satu' by the Malaysian Canoe Association.

There were two parts. First part was theory where we learnt about the origin of kayak and canoe, the difference between a life jacket and a personal flotation device (PFD) and more

hey we got notes and diagrams of the kayak!!!
we were given exam on the theories too...and i haven't sit for one exam for nearly 2 years now!

After 1hr or so on theory knowledge, we went on with practical.
first step: carry kayak from the storage to the lake! it was quite far and the kayak is so damn *tooottt* heavy. In every few steps, i will made my partner to stop so that i can rest my arms a bit. hehe FAIL :S

this is a picture of the kayak storage place
In practical, we learned how to get in the kayak without capsizing it, how to paddle forward, backward, turning, stopping the kayak and even learning how to capsize a kayak was part of the syllabus too.

i must say the maneuverability is not easy! it wasn't easy to even paddle forward without spinning in circles :S

Again, we have test on practical too.
that's me getting in the kayak during the test

another picture of me trying to get in the kayak
we were unlucky, the sky started pouring and we got to stop the examination for an hour or so. I didn't take picture of me doing other "stunts". Everything was okay for the examination except capsizing because i was too light to overturn the kayak, my friend got to manually turn me over LOL.

Ooh guess what's in the lake... hehe

Anyway, no one fail the exam :) hehe

It was very tiring but i had fun :D least i know how to escape from a capsized kayak hehee

Thursday, 18 February 2010


i didnt want to curse but i think i have all the reason to...

17th feb 2010: one bottle of cough syrup, 2 packs of lozenges, 2 packs of tablets

18th feb 2010: one bottle of cough syrup, 2 packs of lozenges, 3 packs of tablets
19th feb 2010: one bottle of cough syrup, 2 packs of lozenges, 7 packs of tablets!!!my throat is so bad that i have difficulty in swallowing my own saliva!!!
and i can't speak! FML

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

My Pink Room

Remember the post where i shared about my room and the not very nice virtual war i have with my sis?

well, just to refresh your memory...
this was then

& this is now :)
(steph, u were the first to see my 'new' room among my friends)

i repainted my room pink with some help from my dad and my bf *thanks*. That was when i realize painting is not as easy as it looks but definitely a very good workout for the arms! Got some wall stickers too to decorate the empty walls and i must say i am pretty happy with the results. :)

I got pink bedsheets as well to match the whole pink theme in my room but i couldn't find design with pigs on it :( probably the halal issue in my country! hehe

ooh spot my dumbbell:P
left side of my room, i got a cupboard, a mini side table and a full length mirror.
i displayed some of my piggy plushies on the top of my shelf
and my tinkerbell collection
also hung some of my earrings on the plannermore pink stuff would be my runaway clock, a lil accessories hanger i got from xmas, a pig tissue box cover and scented candles :P

on the other side of the room, i have my PC
and the expensive big arse wardrobe...doesnt look that big in pictures

two sliding doors with three ermm compartment/section? dont know what is the word for it. :S
what i like about it is the sliding mirror :P

my dresses...cant get enough!my make up

and a drawer full of accessories :)

hmm i guess that's about it! :)
what you think of my revamped room?

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

CNY shopping???

The conversation lately includes this question: "Have you done with your CNY shopping yet???". I am sure you get this question a lot too and my answer is always: "err...*pause* i got a few earlier!" I am not very sure how to answer that question, reason being i don't go shopping for CNY only!!! i shop without any occasion to entertain myself, to make myself happy...the one and only time i shop for a specific occasion is when i am super broke that i needed to find lame reason to make myself feel less guilty for spending. No worries, i am still spending within what i can afford *phewww* =='''

Anyway, after all the non occasion shopping started since i dont know when...i stocked up quite a bit of new shoes and clothes.

7 pairs of shoes for the 7 days in a week :P

one problem, i am not sure how many times i gonna wear that red heels :Sand a pile of new clothes; mostly dresses...i love dresses

So Yes I am done with shopping not only for cny but for the months to come!
i am broke...again!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Confidence Booster

The year of Tiger is not very nice to me so far or maybe its just me being myself? Negative thoughts, expecting too much, too much worries, wanting to perform well in everything all the time...all these literally murdered my confidence. To make myself look less porkie (ugly) has always been the no.1 confidence booster and i found it

the New Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express Mascara
the secrets of this mascara are
1. the collagen contained in the bottle and
2. the magnum brush which helps to maximize the lashes and volume up to 10x times

it is easy to apply and clumps free
check out my eyes lashes...
i am confidence that u can tell the difference ;)

Besides getting a bigger, better, bolder lashes, you can also stand a chance to win Maybelline's Products like me :P

5 simple steps

i. Buy the new Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express Mascara

ii. Transform yourself=try it out!

iii. Take a picture of yourself and the tube of Magnum mascara and submit to

iv. Vote= appreciate if you can vote for me so that i can share some of my Maybelline products with you ;) just click on the website go to gallery submission and hunt for pink pork chop, of course dont forget to click on vote!!! :D

v. Stand a chance to win Maybelline Products

me camwhoring with the new Maybelline Magnum mascara

contest ends on the 28th of feb 2010.

Monday, 1 February 2010

The Life Of A Pig... Is Better

why? at least pigs are not bound by time...
whereas we human beings...the most complex/dangerous creature on the planet got plenty activities to do around the clock...i bet you get what i mean but all these only leads to one conclusion which is poor time management =(

For Pigs?They probably don't have enough time to eat and sleep! hehe

btw, sorry for the random silly posting :S
ooh, i found my confident booster :D will share the next posting