Saturday, 31 March 2012

New Zealand- part2

continuing from where i've left out in Sep 2011 :S

Day4 of my New Zealand-North Island trip was the most unforgettable moment!

We went skiing for the first time :D

We arrived at the National Park the night before & had a nice stay in Pleatue lodge that is located 15 minutes’ drive from the UNESCO World Heritage listed Tongariro National Park, and skiing in Whakapapa.

The place is pretty decent, clean & cozy.
Great for getting a good rest before heading up the snow mountain, since its only 15mins away.

we started the day earlier & rented some gears for skiing just before going to the ski field.

i managed to squeeze myself into a one piece teen suit -size12! probably helped to saved about NZ$ 3-5? can't remember how much exactly but anyway, i prefer to get a one piece suit.

The one piece suit kinda look like a racing suit.

that's a pic of me looking like a racer heehee ^^

and a picture of us
after renting the gears, we drove up to the ski field.

along the way, we get to see the snow-mountain from the bottom.
i think its magnificent!

it was my first snow experience.
even by looking at the signboard, i got excited :D

we bought group lesson package which includes the shoes and ski board.
you may find out more about the fee in the following url

Being a first timer, i was overly excited yet worried that i might fall.

But that didn't stop me from trying. :)

this is our coach.i think he was from Sweden.

The group class has about 5 of us.

For started, the coach got us to wear only one side of the ski board & try walking around with it.
Once we get a little bit comfortable with it, we got both ski on.
It takes quite a bit of energy to move around with the ski board.
All the exercise was what kept me warm.

The class is 45mins long & we had ski down the hill at some beginners area for few times.
It was good fun & i am happy that i did not fall on my ass :D

then I had my first experience on a ski lift.
the ski lift brought us to even better view from the top.
the view is breathtaking.

snow mountains

definitely a best place to chill and have a cup of hot chocolate!

After all the ski workout, i lay down on a bed of snow.

make a lil snow angel

play with the snow

& created my own mini frosty, the snowman...
had so much fun just lying down

i would want to go back there someday :)

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