Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Zealand Part 3

Diary of the rest of my days in New Zealand continues...
Kinda lost track of when i've visited the rest of the places but oh well, these are most of the places i've covered.

We past by Wanganui District Council and visited the Durie Hill Elevalator.
its a very old style elevator, very antic & cute!

Each trip its about -NZ$ 2-3. don't remember exactly how much but me and my bf took a ride up & hike down the hill by foot

Once u are up at the Durie Hill, you can go up this beautiful tower for the best view.

This is what you get to see when you are up there.
360' view of the whole area.

There were a lot of this signage around.
haha unbelievable!
Took a stroll at the Virginia Lake
Saw mother duck with 4 little duckling walking in a row
Virginia Lake is a huge park, i think we took an hour ++ to walk around the park but the weather is just right for the walk. cooling & very calm... surrounded by the greens & animals.

Later in the evening we went to the Black Beach in Wanganui.
It was one of the place best to visit for me.
the dark sparkling black sands was so fine... feel like lying down on it all day.
This is the most magical black beach ive been to so far

Off we go to City of Palmerston North

& Wellington, the city
Wellington was the least exciting place to visit for me, although it is the third largest city.

Visited the big Te papa museum

and went to the cable car

One thing about New Zealand is that every where u go, u get to see beautiful scenery.

the Botanic Garden @ Wellington

Wellington Wind Turbine Generator

& we went hunting for seal at the seal colonel.
but we were too late. you have to go early in the morning because its quite a long walk.
best to go with a tour, so that they will bring u in with a 4WD, if not, make sure u budget at least 1/2 a day for the walking :P

we didn't want to stay in Wellington for another night, so we drove over the night & slept in the car. When we reach Napier, it was in the morning, just nice for sunrise

& catch the local morning flea market.

I've got one of the beanies

Had hotdog for breakfast

went to bluff hill domain

again.. the awesome view

and visited the winery.
Get to taste some good wine. :)

isn't it awesome romantic? haha

saw this on our way to Taupo

& we rushed ourselves to mata-mata for the hobbiton tour.
we were the last customer to arrive

The Hobbiton tour is the movie set from LOTR.
the land is private, so if you want to visit, like it or not, you have to pay for the tour to take you in. At the movie set, there's a average size (looks huge to me) farmland where there have lots of sheeps running around.

each day, few sheeps will get shaves for demonstrations to the tourist like me.

completely naked in just few minutes!

the we get to feed the little one.. its super adorable, i wish i can keep one as pet

went back to Taupo to visit a friend for dinner.
Next morning we hike up Mt. Mauganui.

its a little tiring to get up there.. about 45 mins walk
but its all worth it.

Day flew by very fast... 10days is definitely not enough to cover North Island.
Last stop was Auckland.

saw the sky tower.

walked the Auckland bridge

watched the last sunset @ Mt. Eden

some day... some day...

we will go back for south island! :)

All thanks to the boyfie for the good company :)

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