Friday, 20 April 2012

The Passion!

My new found passion is for makeup.
Ever since college days, i grew a little passion for makeup each day.
Back then i don't apply much makeup on regular days, it was just for outings & any special occasion.

The passion grew bigger when i started working.
I guess one of the main reason was because i don't need to depend on my few months pocket money savings to get one product anymore. second reason to that is like ..duhhh...just being vain *cough*

I am amazed by how makeup can enhance one's beauty.
and i always wanted to learn more about it. So i've started searching for makeup courses.
Its quite a expensive passion i have. average price for a bridal makeup course is about rm5XXX,
excluding most of the tools & product u need.

Not only the cost of the course "stop" me from signing up, it was also because of my full time job as a media planner in mindshare. i work late, even night classes on the weekday seem impossible for me to attend. i got a little tired/bored after 3 1/2 years..& at that same time i saw a promotion on the course that i've been eying on, i jumped straight into it. with that, i've quit my first job in mindshare.

2012 is a big challenge for me. Loads of changes in term of my career path.
& now juggling with my passion.
I hope i will pull it off.

p/s: graduating in july/aug! i will be a certified MUA (make up artist). How cool is that :D

magic box sponsored by a lovely friend
 &i  added product more to it.


Anonymous said...

hi there,

stumble upon your blog on makeup, which concealer do you recommend for full coverage of acne scars and pigments?


Pork Chop said...

Hey there,

u can try mac, mac product has pretty good coverage.
or u can try coastal scents. Im using it currently.

try using yellow-tone for scars & pigmentation. if ur acne appears red, u can apply a layer of green-tone before ur foundation.

hope this helps. :)