Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Girls Getaway to Krabi

About a year ago, me and my girl friends bought flight ticket to Krabi.
I am very much a beach person, so i thought Krabi would be the perfect place to be.
I was picturing Krabi as a liveliest place with beautiful beaches and parties by the beach but it turn out to be a really chill out place. :S

It was a 4days 3nights short getaway.
My idea beach holiday must have: Sun, Sand, Sea & loads of smiles (smiles under the alco-influence :P)...

we stayed in Pakasai Resort @ Aonang.
lucky me got upgraded to a luxurious room.
the room was clean, neat, & comfy...okay for honeymoon.

Huge bathroom with bathtub & shower area

the less unfortunate 2: Kalai & Banu got the standard room.
the room was much smaller as compared to ours (me & Janice)

Doing what girls do best...1 look pretty & smile to the camera, 1 camwhoring, 1 busy curling her lashes

we r suppose to have a girlie pillow fight.. but we forgotten about the pillows in this picture teehee

i love how we look so happy in this picture

this is the buddy i know since college days....
we used to be about the same size, i've grown so much FML :'(

Restaurant Dalas is where we have our breakfast.
but it wasnt good at all. The worst continental breakfast i have.
but they have nice decoration. i just adore heart <3

In the resort, there's a small "infinity" pool that is super shallow

doesnt have much view from the pool but its still not bad.

there's a mini bar by the pool.
we notice only the whites take up the pool deck.
they were chilling by the pool, some sun tanning, some reading... just awfully quiet.
we went out for a walk at the town, do some shopping...
saw the sunset & went for massage.
massage is a must do in thailand. its so affordable that we visited every night

the food there was just soso...nothing great.
quite disappointing.
the pad thai i had for the first night was horrible.
malaysia serve better thai food. the only thing that was good was the local beer, Singha

Day2 we went island hopping & snokerling.
we joined a tour for 950 baht per person. there are many tour company that provides island hopping, snokerling/diving tour, sight seeing &etc. practically covers all the tourist attraction.

we woke up early, had our breakfast, waited in the lobby for a while for the tour guide to come pick us up. While waiting, we were busy applying sunblock in the lobby.

& there was amber time for me to camwhore.

i am a total camwhore freak on every holidays because i believe in capturing every moment that i have paid for with the technology :P Sadly the rest of the group wasn't really into taking pictures/being in the pictures. :S so i have very little picture from the trip.

oh well, at least got a few nice shot.
i.e. the sun ray

the reflection

and the bright smiles :D

One incident where my hat flew out of our vehicle because i was sitting at the edge :S
one of Banu's friend, Mohana (thanks for picking up my hat) had to ran after my hat. haha i feel bad but i think its a nice ice-breaking for the day...teehee...

we took this speed boat to phi phi island &some other island (can't remember the names).
The boat is very clean, because the person in charge really wash you and make sure u are like 90%sandless before getting into the boat.

these are long tail boat. should try them out if you have time.

the scenery was really nice.
the water is super blue, okay maybe the color in this picture is a little bit too dramatic.
it was still as good. just less vibrant
the water is so clear, you can see plenty of fishes...
but i think i chase them all away in this picture hehe

i dont remember what this island call, but it was like a lagoon with super fine sand

we stopped at phi phi island for lunch.
saw this lil "temple" just by the walk way, thought it was really beautiful with all the colourful cloth wrapped around the tree.

If you like nightlife, you should so stay in phi phi island.
Ao nang is quiet & boring at night.

After lunch, was the snorkeling session,

snorkeling wasn't really great and very little time.
you get to see same fishes around. maybe the spot that we went wasn't not sure, but i find it quite disappointing.

later that night, we got ready and went to the town to shop,
it was a really small town, i bought short, some shirts & one piece of jumpsuit.

Day3 was to visit few attractions away from the sea.
we visited the emerald pool then the hot spring

the elephant trekking

took a ride on an elephant for about 30-45mins.
after the elephant riding experience, i swear i will never want to ride an elephant ever again.
it's so cruel, where the trainer poke the elephant with sharp tool throughout the trail.
and then the last spot was the tiger temple.

did not climb up the step and did not walk into the temple because i wasn't cover up.

so we were just hanging around outside
thats about it.. 4days 3nights with 3other girls

I went home with my hair braided :)
i adore this hairstyle

Next time to thailand, i would like to see the songkran festival & the fullmoon party.

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