Friday, 20 November 2009


We haven't hang out for a very long time...

and that night, our long lost friend ferdi finally showed up :P and it was a great night. Thanks for organizing. From the left Jing, Ash, Ferdi, Ivan and Me
a picutre of the girls. i felt like a pig-fat and short :Sand a picure with my crazy ex-coursematesWe happened to bum into Anne too. (Me and Ivan were just talking about her...long life...)The chat, the drinks, the band and the ambience were all good
except there's quite a few pictures that i dont remember taking :S
i.e #1# acting cute; Ivan looked sooo cute hahaha

#2#Pouring beer on Ivan's head!
#3#Taking picture just outside the ladies...
#4# "I'm watching You!" or "i wanna dig out ur eyeballs with my fingers=="'
#5# Last but not least, (i find this picture ugly but epic)
attempt to poke ferdi's armpit :P

LOL my friends are quality based not quantity =)
love you all xoxo *hugs*

p/s: AlIYAA is the name of the place.

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