Monday, 2 November 2009


I've never celebrate one Halloween before this! But i always thought it would be fun to be part of it. :) However, i am not ang mo so i dont really know much about this holiday. I always take Halloween as the English version of ghost-festival whereby people put on their scariest costumes to scare off demons/ghosts. I always wonder if the people dressed up to scare off demons/ghosts?or do they dressed up so that they cant differentiate the real demons and the costumed demons? :P

Anyway, i had a strictly girls night out for the holiday. I disguise myself as a Witch that night.
I got a hat, the witchy nose and i drew a lil spider web right at the corner of my eyes!
thats me and JC (i still like calling u JC :P short for Jesus Christ :P).
we were at Sanctuary, The Curve.
Sadly, JC only came for dinner and hang out a short while in Sanctuary before she was on medication.

me and kalai who claimed that she's poison ivy :S
Alice and me.
Damn, she still pretty even with that witchy nose
Me and Carrey
another picture with Carrey
And ashley
Another one with Ashley
Chiaw Hong, Ash, Kalai, Porkie, Alice and Carrey
yeap, i was the only one in group went with costume. Thank godness, i didnt spend much$$$ and time, i did it just for fun hehe
Well, that night, i met Amanda i knew from school time :S
havent seen her for ages.
As usual, girls being girls will go like "one more, one more"
so heres take two!
but damn...who is that behind???
oh well, most of the pictures that night us ruined by random pepople putting 'bunnies' ears on us :S

Okay this is litterally bunny ears :P hehe
i stole it for pictures.
That will be me and Amanda's friend. Dont remember her name :S
Once again, see that fingers popping up in between kalai and my head? ==
More bunny ears...
Some random guy from next table.
He PUKE on the floor and bits of it splashed on my leg! EWWWWWw...
it was really hot packed that night that we couldnt really move around much...
i was sweating like crazy that i felt uncomfortable bumping into ppl but i can't help it :S. I think ive never sweat this much in my life
more group pic and we called it off
My feets hurt so i walked barefoot to the car together with Kalai and Ash
the last time i walked barefoot on the street was back in Liverpool.
We end our party playing jenga at Ash aunty's apartment in Hartamas.
Nice place to trash :P lol
Once again, i will love to thank Ash and Carrey for all the arrangement :)
Love you gurls
muacks xoxo