Friday, 30 October 2009

Nuffnang Awards 2009 in Singapore

I was one of the lucky one to receive a pair of invites to attend Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards in Singapore. We get free stay, free dinner, free transportation, free tour...everyone loves freebies right? well, at least i do :S But hey, i did put some effort into it (fyi: i made a silly video of me for my pringles post)

I can see Nuffnang had put a lot of great effort for the event. Just by looking at the itinerary is exciting but i didnt totally enjoy myself for several reasons. Main reason was i really wasn't feeling well!!! NOt ACTING to get sympathy or to isolate myself!
I was coughing my lungs out and my throat sore badly that it hurts to even speak at audible volume!

Okay forget about me, zoom back into the event. The event was held at the grand ballroom of pan-pacific hotel, singapore.

it was one of those posh looking event...
check out the proper table setting with lots of cutleries

and the impressive menu

it started with some bread and butter (Didn't take picture), followed by
Marinated Smoked Tuna with Feta, Herb Salad and Balsamic Olive Oil
i took a bite and chucked the fish to my brother... i never like raw taste of fish.

then we have our Light Cream of Asparagus and Green Peas topped with a Chive Mousseline (didnt take picture as well)

Next was Rosemary Marinated Chicken Breast with Saffron Cheesy Mash Potato and Balsamic Reduction Mediterranean Vegetable in Mango Coriander Salsa Sauce
this is my plate: Before

and this is my plate: After!
couldn't eat much... :S told u im not well that night! :P

And for dessert we had Praline Hazelnut Gateau with Raspberry Jelly.

I only ate half of Praline Hazelnut Gateau :S

i think im so going to hell for the amount of food i wasted that night. :S

The awards was presented simultaneously with dining.
XiaXue won the biggest award of all. The region's best blog.
Congrates to all winners ;)

Okay, from here onwards its all gonna be pictures of me and other bloggers
i did not take much pictures tho and sorry the pictures are quite unorganized :S

Kim and Porkie
Kim wasnt the first blogger i took picture with that night but she is the first person i remember taking picture with if you asked me offhands. Why? she made me realise something. She is such an inspiration to me!wth== nehhh, it was her body language and the super short conversation we had. What happen was as i walked towards kim, she said:"i know who u are, pinkporkchop". this sentence + body language made me felt that i might appear to be some cocky arrogant,'she-thinks-she-fehmes' kinda blogger all this while! :S im not sure if you understand where im coming from. When i replied her:"you are kim" she was surprised that i knew her name. Well, i knew their names but Im just not used to "hello followed by name rules" its okay if this doesnt make sense to u :S

with christhoo

lil jo, porkie and zues

with KristineAnis (if im not wrong) aka Diese
two blues and a black
diese, me, jac

kimberly chun in her prom dress...

Vven always cute and sweet looking
(ooh didnt not take with natalie :S)
Zoe the sweet young girl

very friendly Jeremy aka Bboyrice
nice meeting you :)

with sam who can dance, ermm jeremy too..
two of them can be great dancers

it was great to see Jess and Haze there too...(the "maybelline" bloggers") lol

Me and KY

me and simonseow
i gonna said this again- i looked frighten in this picture:P

with soon seng

violet in her adorable dress

Sandwiched by two hot chics can be depressing! haha
Adele, me and Tziaaa
Audrey in her cute cream color dress-kinda felt like im attending her wedding rather than nuffnang awards :P
with the nuffie

met some other bloggers too i.e yat, jackie loi, xiang, and etc but did not take picture with them ..

At the end of the day...
i regret that im sick :S it could have been better!


Jacquelyn Ho said...

wee i see myself! haha.

Pork Chop said...

yeap, aiyak still havent send u the picture :S

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

eh heh!! I like the pic of you and me. tee of the best compared to the other pics I took that night. Depressed gila. :(

The dessert was the bomb ok! didn't habis...WASTED! T_T


Penton said...


glad that you were enjoying yourself there.

It was fun to have a drink with you and your "bf" at beer garden :P

Pork Chop said...

Kristine: haha glad you like it, and yea i enjoyed dessert the most but still wasted! lol nice seeing u again

Penton: hey there, yea i guess having a drink with u guys and my "bf" was the best itinerary :P hehe see u around :)

JolynGoh said...

I see my picture.. ^^