Friday, 16 October 2009

Hennessy Artistry at Quattro

It's the time again-Hennessy Artistry is in Daaa Town (i mean WAS in the town). I'm not sure how many exactly there are in a year but of course the more the merrier. Good drinks, good music, good party- im not gonna complain about that...Never.

I am also grateful that i managed to attend the one held at Quattro last week and its all thanks to Yat for his kind arrangement. He went through quite a bit of complication in getting those passes/invites. Thank You so muchhhh, appreciate that :)

As usual, i went with my brother

another picture of him...
he will brutally kick my arse for uploading this picture
hehe but i dont care :P

without fail every H-Artistry is soooooo crowded

To my surprised, i spotted my happening aunty dancing on a plathform :S
i didn't expect to see her there...
i joined her on that small platform which gave me a better view of the place.Met some of the bloggers there too including jamieliew, ren, stanley wong, jason and etc.
me and jamie (errr the spot light)

The hot emcee, Sarah Lian and i dont know who (sorry)

look, she's glowing!

That night, we have (1)Hsiao Hung Jen from Taiwan performing

i can barely see her even standing on that lil plathfrom

(3)Paul Freeman

Like i told u earlier, i was standing on a plathform. Its a strategic location where i get good view plus i can get drinks easily...just stretch my hands :D
Naturally people would want to have a spot too..Two chics came up the plathform when i was video-ing. They bummed me and blocked my view :(

i told myself i so gonna call them b**ch in my blog but i decided not to because they were polite enough to apologize and gave me drink (bribery? lol :P) when i ran out.
Thanks anyway hehe

in between the performances by famous artists, they have dancers to hype/ermm heat up the floor

this will be dancer no.1
errr.. dont like my hair
and dancer no.2
check out that chic facial expression hehe

and finally we have Boys like Girls on stage
they were awesome :D
i recorded video...see at the end of the post

That's about it!
ooh wait, not to forget something tragic happened.
Two different guy burned my leg with their cigarette. I believe it was not on purpose hehe

camwhore while waiting for my brother in the car

Boys Like Girls video

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