Saturday, 17 October 2009

Porkie and Her Height Issue

NOPE, i don't really have an issue for height! Well, at least not for 17meters high-anything higher than that?hmm no quite sure yet...

Weeks back, i went for sky trex adventure located at the Shah Alam, Malaysia Agriculture Park. Not too far from town and lots of fun :)

The Selamat Datang sign board

They have a shuttle bus in the Agriculture park itself.
These are the people i went with
they are from immerse

me and my bro shoes

They have a very cute bunting on Skypet's guide to skytrekking.

After registration, we put on our harness with the helpers' brother with wrong facial expression...
and these guys...
hmm i think they just want to make sure the harness is safe to use :P

All set to go...
Before the actual big thrill adventure, you must (unless you are confident that you know what to do when you are up there) go through train & try...


The trainer demonstrate what to do and what not to do...

then we get to try it out individually...
i thought it was quite easy and fun :)
Now that we are all "well-trained", we are ready for the Big Thrill Challenge...
So what is big thrill challenge??
"This circuit consists of 23 thrilling challenges with various level of difficulty raging from “easy“ to “very difficult“. With some of the platforms reaching the height of 17 meters, feel the adrenaline while crossing the “Crazy Zig-Zag“ and flying on the “Sky-crawl“ at the Bermuda Triangle. Hold your breath while crossing “The Earthquake“, test your ability to leap at the “Happy Hopper“ and end the adventure with the grand finale, the 100 meters “Wild Revenge“ which will take you to the finishing platform at an exhilarating speed." copy from the website:P

This is the starting point.
Look at that, so high takes quite a bit of energy to climb up
i took a picture when i reached the top.
look at how tiny the people are standing below me

Like they said earlier, there are three level of difficulty
Green for easy
Blue for moderate
Red for Hard
Through out the whole challenge, there were quite a bit of flying fox (i like :D).

and a lot of slack track too...

the standard plank
check out my brother's face after the first few challenge
he got an issue with height hehe
he tried to act cool for the camera but his face was still pale LOL

the crazy Zig Zag crossing...

i took a picture of myself at the middle of that zig zag crossing thing. Anyway, its all camwhore picture because my brother refuse to hold the camera :S He need to focus on the challenges LOL
This challenge is interesting...
as you step on to the cylinder plathform, it swings back & forth and you got to move your feet fast to the other cylinder before you end up doing a split :P

i was laughing when i reached the second cylinder because i knew this is be a nice change for my brother.
and yes...thats him upon reaching the solid plathform

the only challenge that i dont like was this
where you are supposed to hold on to a rope and swing yourself to the other wood plank.
It's not easy being tarzan

another tarzan stunt will be this one here
you have to swing yourself and catch the net...but if you are too afraid to do all the above-there's a Chicken exit for you!:P
The Chicken Exit haha

A group picture before leaving

i got these cute badges as souvenir

Its a really nice experience. Anyone up for Extreme Challenge?


Swee San said...

wow this is really cool !

KwOnG FeI said...

argg i yet to come this place.........
when will i be free to go...
btw hw much is it?

Pork Chop said...

Swee San: yea its cool and fun :)

Kwong Fei: you should go one day :D i didnt pay so im not sure, i think its rm35, go check out their site

Alvin Lim said...

and worth 35 bucks.
think im gonna go for it this coming weekend.
thanks for the post :)

kenwooi said...

looks exciting! =D

Anonymous said...

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Chili Crab said...

Lol. I think i will have shaking leg at the easy one, dizzy at the medium one and heart attack at the hardest one!!! Lol. Wtf. *impressed*

taufulou said...

it looks fun lei~
can plan to visit this place d

Pork Chop said...

Alvin: Yes RM35 is cheap for a nice experience :D i wanna go for the extreme thrill someday

Kenwooi: It is exciting

Pork Chop said...

IMcurtain: Thanks, i think everyone is looking ways to promote their blog...

Chili Crab: LOl, seriously, its fun!you will get over ur fear after a while. :)

Taufulou: go ahead and plan :) have fun