Monday, 5 October 2009

Maybelline Simply Fabulous: Retweet and Win

Have you been watching Simply Fabulous?

You SHould be watching! The Ice-Breaker Challenge was CRAZY!
Who would ever do their make up without a MIRROR???
well, in Simply Fabulous the finalist did a full make up without mirror!
*insane insane*
i can go on and on how insane it was because i am totally amazed by how the girls did it!

Okay that was ice-breaker... its a joke but they still did well!

The actual challenge with PRIZE was to create a simply fabulous night look.
They were given 15mins and Mirror (at last...phewww)
Even with a mirror is not easy, Bei Shan got a little hiccup with the liner...

At the end Susie won herself some Maybelline Products.
Congrats :)

The closest to Susie was Zhareen and Preeta...
they looked a little disappointed

im telling you too much...just go watch yourself k!

Next challenge is something to do with Shopping. Ever girl loves to shop...
and shopping can be a dead serious!!!
haven't you watch shopaholic the movie? haha
i wonder if the girls pull each other hair for a pair of shoes! :P
They gonna realise tomorrow :) pretty exciting!

I'll save some behind the scene (where i sneak in their apartment) for next post.

Now allow me to tempt you with some of my Maybelline products! :P heeheee
if you need eye shadow, my personal fave is maybelline diamond glow
i like how the product function and it has clear guide on how to use them
If you want to buy mascara, try Maybelline long extreme double stretch.
go get the RM5 off voucher from the site
Here is what you need to do...
Step 1: Follow me on Twitter
Step2: Wait for My Twitter Msg on the 7th Oct 2009 and 10th Oct 2009. (will drop you hint on twitter 10mins before ;))
Step3: Once spot my msg, be the first 15 to retweet and win a lipstick

i.e. "RT @pinkporkchop: yes, make me simply fabulous with maybelline watershine and remember to catch the show at

Step4: Wait for your lipstick-we deliver to your doorstep

If you are a guy, this will be a lil gift for you girlfriend


TOLANIC said...

i want i want =)

HitoMi^^ said...

I dun have twitter my dear >.<
I just bought my maybelline mascara then now i saw your voucher

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Ihave twittier...Following you!! :)

And hope I can win the mascara!!!!!

Spectre said...

Sound like a good Christmas present for someone XD I will keep lookout for u twitter (office hour)

Pork Chop said...

Tolanic: you are welcome to have it :)

Hitomi: awww, its okay then. ;)

Elaine: Thanks but im only giving out lipstick :S sorry, no mascara :(

Spectre: Yeap definately

lilShorty said...

ei i want toooooo!!!!! make way sistas!

~Elaine Tam~ said...

opsss......Lipstick..hnehehe! Not mascara! Typo....

Pork Chop said...

lil shorty and elaine tam: congrats and hope you like the lipstick. Maybelline will send it to u ya