Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Pink Spider Pig

Do you remember my neon green top?
well, it was during Juice 7th anniversary.
i won myself 2X taster try climbing session, 2X basic wall course and 2X 10concession passess at Camp5

A month back, i did my Basic Wall Course with Camp5 at One Utama.

ive received a cert for that :D anyway, i've tried climbing before, so it wasn't my first time but im still excited to learn more about climbing.

The course normally accomdate up to 10 people in a group

Noel was my instructor that day...
he started by introducing a bit on what is climbing and the basic climbing equipments which i have forgotten half of them by now :S and How to use these equipments.

One of the basic equipment is carabiner!
i snapped a picture because its pink :S

these are the belay device

of course, the most important tool is the rope which can carry up to ermm 2tons if i remember correctly. After hearing the amount of weight it can carry, i remembered whispering to Kalai (my guest) that now i know which to use if i needed to suicide someday! LOl :P
We learned how to tie knots
a double 8knot
it reminds me of girl scouts tho...

Kalai looked so serious tying her knot. :S
we also learned how to belay our friends (mr. sandbag)
After learning the theories, we get to climb and belay our friend.
what's interesting was when a thin guy belaying a heavier guy, he literally floating above ground a little. He needs two sandbags to hold him down. hehe

We also saw another scene whereby a kid got stuck at the top to the wall, he was too frigthen to let go his hands and they couldn't lower him down. He was all teary, poor feller. Noel climbed to rescue, upon reaching the group, the kid shouted :"i hate wall climbing"! hahaha
The last thing we did was bouldering; climbing without rope!

that's me

and that's not me :S
i wonder when i can ever do this...
To conclude, i can belay someone now! but do you trust me? hehe


Simon Seow said...

I don't need no sandbag when belaying people :p

Guess what? The word verification for this comment is "rocks" lol

Pork Chop said...

Im sure u dont need sandbad especially when its me LOL:P

Pork Chop said...

and COOL verification word! i ROCk! :P

lilShorty said...

lol...gosh i feel like this was sooooo long ago...we should go soon!!!