Friday, 21 November 2008

Dai Yi Loong

Shit...shitt shitt im in debt! Dai Yi Loong (loan shark) is after me...instead of throwing red paint on my house wall, instead of beating me up, instead of selling me to the nearest "chicken" nest in KL, instead of making me a slave they came out with a brand new tactic!

They dont allow me to go for my Graduation if i dont clear my debt!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... sob sob sob Now we can see how smart the Dai Yi Loong nowadays!

Oh well, i didn't even know i have a debt until one itchy hand log into my uni account and to my surprise, i saw this

i owe the library 50p

When i saw this, i am already back in Malaysia! How the hell am i going to return the 50p? So i thought it was okay until i saw this statement on my graduation details-"Please note: If you have a student debt to the university, your registration will not be processed until this is cleared.
All debts must be cleared by 30 November 2008"

So i can't graduate because of 50p? Nooo way...finding alternative solution to pay back 50p.

Solution A: the virtual purse which allows me to top up my student card to clear the debt. But minimum reload is 5 pounds. Meaning i got to spend 5 X 5.5= RM 27.50 to pay off 50p which is around RM2.75!

Solution B: Forget for the graduation! am i out of my mind? how am i going to collect my certs?

Solution C: Buzz my friends in Liverpool and sent out sos messages.

Solution D: Fly back to Liverpool and clear it myself.

After considering the pros and cons of each solution (its so obvious), with my ordinary mind told me to go for solution C! I gave my friend my student id no. and also the barcode no. Since its just 50p, the librarian did not take his 50p instead he just clear my debt :D

now i am debt Free!
Special thanks to Johnson Toh who helped me with my debt :)


Johnson said...

O.o hahahha...need to to give me credit =P

jz dun owe universities in overseas anymore...they are not like Malaysia university that tends to forget about ur debt easily xD

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

hahahah!!! who ask u to owe library money???~~~~ ^^

Rachel said...

gosh i hv to check it out too!