Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Lu Tipu Gua

Retrieved from my mailbox...On the 4th Nov 2008!

Congratulations from!

We would like to inform that you’ve won yourself 2 movie passes and a movie premium pack worth RM100 in our Madagascar 2 movie contest. The passes will allow you to watch Madagascar 2 when it screens on Malaysian cinema from November 13.

>Looking at that i already go WOooooHOoooooooooooooooo.....BUT...lets continue reading the email!

Simply look out for session times marked (*) (OUchhhh...have to wait until it marks asterisk!) and go to the box office to choose your session. Then, simply show your movie passes to pay for the ticket.

To collect your movie passes and your movie pack, simply visit Sri Pentas reception (ground floor) and show your IC.

Today, the in-charge person called and asked me to go collect my prize during working hours. They are not working on Saturday, so how the hell am i going to collect when me myself is also working now??? The in-charge person was nice...she suggest to meet up somewhere near damansara which is good, coz its near my house still.

The i thought.. hmmm okay la, since today my training end at 5.30pm, ill check with her if she leaving office early. I called and she said she will wait for me! Its raining, its 5.30pm, whats more? Traffic jam laa... almost one hour from menara MBPJ to Sri Pentas.

All excited about the RM100worth of movie premium pack, i just walk into Sri Pentas without noticing that i have to get a visitor pass at the guard house itself. So this Big feller (not muscular but big...u know what i mean) yell at me "Ooi, pergi mana... datang registar dulu!" Then i though, why not give her a call first to check where to meet. Thank god, she said she will walk to the guard house, save me all the hassle. She came with a paper bag, thats for me of course. Wonder what's in the paper bag?...

(1 Ugly Children of Men t-shirt, 1 Over the hedge sticker, two rugrats toys, smokin' aces card and movie pass) It's all outdated expired, dont know how long they keeping in their storage room items!

I was expecting madagascar merchandise. At least one cuddly Alex could have been much much much better not items that are decaying in the storage! *sigh* GUA tipu KU!

My CZ ring is gone! My 'Alex' hope crushed!


阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

i giv u de alex hair ban from McD lar..... much more better wui~~~


Pork Chop said...

dont want.. it will looks stupid on me! haha.. PIg face with Lion hair together? nonono

Anonymous said...

i think u should be mad at the movie distributor. don't think the website produced the merchandise, they just run contest with stuff provided by the distributor. i experienced this also last time :(