Saturday, 29 November 2008

My First Paycheck!

Wooohooo...just received my very first paycheck!

me holding my first pay slip...
On the same day i received my pay check, i went shopping and bought myself a little gift! :D haha

check this out

My new glittering purse

but damn they "conteng" the box, ruined my box

oh well, gonna treat my family a nice dinner soon.


阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

walau wee!!!!!! rich edi ler!!!!!
any gift for me?? gaga~~

SeeChin said...

zoe, u've gotta line up.. but then ah, I think you ask your boy boy for gift faster coz your que no very long! :D

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

everywhere also have to que 1 .... sob......

i wan tong xue buy it for me lar jie jie...

boys buy 1 not challenging 1.... haha!!!!