Monday, 17 November 2008

My Psychotherapy

I can't believe it! Ive been working for two weeks already... sob sob :'( Soon, i can't use the words "I'm new!" in office anymore. I don't think i blog about my first day at work yet!

So my first day. Woke up early, dressed in what my sister (Thank you, muaks) bought me the day before. Mommy made me milo, daddy fetched me to work. Before leaving the house, guess what i receive? Ang Pao!!! hehehe it was from my wish me all the best in my future, career etc etc etc.

I reached 30mins earlier on my first day. There were others newbies on the same day, which is great. Lunch. A welcome lunch for me, but my boss said she will send me the bill later :S even though she havent *finger cross*, hope i dont get any email for that bill! hehe 1st day, whats better than going home on early :D With all these privilege (new clothes, ang pao, welcome lunch, go home early), i hope everyday is my first day.

Okay done with first day, now back to the title... my 2nd weekend, i gave myself a psychotherapy @ the new mall called cap square. There was this bazaar with lots of clothes on sales. (I think they are all online base stores) So many tempting to buy. But too bad, i can't try them on. Fearing the clothes are too big for me but i still got myself something at the end ==''

a "candy cane" dress

A blue top which i can still wear it like a dress but its gonna be super mini *Woot*

and a teddy bear bling bling

After the shopping therapy, we head down to this restaurant call Tappers (also in capsquare). This drink's name "Goo Leng Ping" caught my attention. Its a super duper pink drink. Its Vibrant PInk! so Pink that im afraid i will get poisoned by taking just a sip.

Goo Leng Ping = air bandung

Chicken chop taste horrible although it looks nice. Don't order!

chicken chops sauce serve with toasted bread.


Ivan said...

the goo leng ping looks like it comes from detergent bottles XP

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

shopping shopping lar~~~~ psychotherapy some more~~~ =p

ps... see ur office still wan any newbie ar!! haha~~