Saturday, 29 November 2008

My First Paycheck!

Wooohooo...just received my very first paycheck!

me holding my first pay slip...
On the same day i received my pay check, i went shopping and bought myself a little gift! :D haha

check this out

My new glittering purse

but damn they "conteng" the box, ruined my box

oh well, gonna treat my family a nice dinner soon.

Monday, 24 November 2008


My first fondant icing cupcakes deco for the special occasion (my little "secret"! :P)

A dozen of decorated cupcakes
the main spot light
ive got something for you

awww...piggy is hiding flower for she porkie!

Hmm...cupcakes business? anyone?

Friday, 21 November 2008

Dai Yi Loong

Shit...shitt shitt im in debt! Dai Yi Loong (loan shark) is after me...instead of throwing red paint on my house wall, instead of beating me up, instead of selling me to the nearest "chicken" nest in KL, instead of making me a slave they came out with a brand new tactic!

They dont allow me to go for my Graduation if i dont clear my debt!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... sob sob sob Now we can see how smart the Dai Yi Loong nowadays!

Oh well, i didn't even know i have a debt until one itchy hand log into my uni account and to my surprise, i saw this

i owe the library 50p

When i saw this, i am already back in Malaysia! How the hell am i going to return the 50p? So i thought it was okay until i saw this statement on my graduation details-"Please note: If you have a student debt to the university, your registration will not be processed until this is cleared.
All debts must be cleared by 30 November 2008"

So i can't graduate because of 50p? Nooo way...finding alternative solution to pay back 50p.

Solution A: the virtual purse which allows me to top up my student card to clear the debt. But minimum reload is 5 pounds. Meaning i got to spend 5 X 5.5= RM 27.50 to pay off 50p which is around RM2.75!

Solution B: Forget for the graduation! am i out of my mind? how am i going to collect my certs?

Solution C: Buzz my friends in Liverpool and sent out sos messages.

Solution D: Fly back to Liverpool and clear it myself.

After considering the pros and cons of each solution (its so obvious), with my ordinary mind told me to go for solution C! I gave my friend my student id no. and also the barcode no. Since its just 50p, the librarian did not take his 50p instead he just clear my debt :D

now i am debt Free!
Special thanks to Johnson Toh who helped me with my debt :)

Monday, 17 November 2008

My Psychotherapy

I can't believe it! Ive been working for two weeks already... sob sob :'( Soon, i can't use the words "I'm new!" in office anymore. I don't think i blog about my first day at work yet!

So my first day. Woke up early, dressed in what my sister (Thank you, muaks) bought me the day before. Mommy made me milo, daddy fetched me to work. Before leaving the house, guess what i receive? Ang Pao!!! hehehe it was from my wish me all the best in my future, career etc etc etc.

I reached 30mins earlier on my first day. There were others newbies on the same day, which is great. Lunch. A welcome lunch for me, but my boss said she will send me the bill later :S even though she havent *finger cross*, hope i dont get any email for that bill! hehe 1st day, whats better than going home on early :D With all these privilege (new clothes, ang pao, welcome lunch, go home early), i hope everyday is my first day.

Okay done with first day, now back to the title... my 2nd weekend, i gave myself a psychotherapy @ the new mall called cap square. There was this bazaar with lots of clothes on sales. (I think they are all online base stores) So many tempting to buy. But too bad, i can't try them on. Fearing the clothes are too big for me but i still got myself something at the end ==''

a "candy cane" dress

A blue top which i can still wear it like a dress but its gonna be super mini *Woot*

and a teddy bear bling bling

After the shopping therapy, we head down to this restaurant call Tappers (also in capsquare). This drink's name "Goo Leng Ping" caught my attention. Its a super duper pink drink. Its Vibrant PInk! so Pink that im afraid i will get poisoned by taking just a sip.

Goo Leng Ping = air bandung

Chicken chop taste horrible although it looks nice. Don't order!

chicken chops sauce serve with toasted bread.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Lu Tipu Gua

Retrieved from my mailbox...On the 4th Nov 2008!

Congratulations from!

We would like to inform that you’ve won yourself 2 movie passes and a movie premium pack worth RM100 in our Madagascar 2 movie contest. The passes will allow you to watch Madagascar 2 when it screens on Malaysian cinema from November 13.

>Looking at that i already go WOooooHOoooooooooooooooo.....BUT...lets continue reading the email!

Simply look out for session times marked (*) (OUchhhh...have to wait until it marks asterisk!) and go to the box office to choose your session. Then, simply show your movie passes to pay for the ticket.

To collect your movie passes and your movie pack, simply visit Sri Pentas reception (ground floor) and show your IC.

Today, the in-charge person called and asked me to go collect my prize during working hours. They are not working on Saturday, so how the hell am i going to collect when me myself is also working now??? The in-charge person was nice...she suggest to meet up somewhere near damansara which is good, coz its near my house still.

The i thought.. hmmm okay la, since today my training end at 5.30pm, ill check with her if she leaving office early. I called and she said she will wait for me! Its raining, its 5.30pm, whats more? Traffic jam laa... almost one hour from menara MBPJ to Sri Pentas.

All excited about the RM100worth of movie premium pack, i just walk into Sri Pentas without noticing that i have to get a visitor pass at the guard house itself. So this Big feller (not muscular but big...u know what i mean) yell at me "Ooi, pergi mana... datang registar dulu!" Then i though, why not give her a call first to check where to meet. Thank god, she said she will walk to the guard house, save me all the hassle. She came with a paper bag, thats for me of course. Wonder what's in the paper bag?...

(1 Ugly Children of Men t-shirt, 1 Over the hedge sticker, two rugrats toys, smokin' aces card and movie pass) It's all outdated expired, dont know how long they keeping in their storage room items!

I was expecting madagascar merchandise. At least one cuddly Alex could have been much much much better not items that are decaying in the storage! *sigh* GUA tipu KU!

My CZ ring is gone! My 'Alex' hope crushed!

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Where iss it, where iss it: my Precious, my Precious?

I'm all excited about how i am going to spend my 1st weekend after 5working days. BUT its a Sad Sad Sad weekend because i lost my Precious...

poh kong white gold with 0.5 carat cubic zirconia
a present from my brother

This Saturday night was suppose to be a nice, happy, fun, superb small ljmu gathering . Such a long time since the last gathering. I last hang out with rachel in london and last hang out with chi ling @ klia. I am so sure i lost my precious in the gathering place. When i realized its gone, instantly i check my bag, then i backtrack to the car...sob sob... *you know the result!

my too sad to eat face

I swear i made the whole table "icy" for a moment. My friends stop chatting...its so quiet because of me and my lost ring. So i started to make a small talk to get them out of the "situation".

After dinner, i tried to forget about it for a sec and join ivan for pool.

again, girls in dresses play sport!

the girls

Pool was fun but I am Still mourning for my lost... :'(
I want to Long Bia (knock my head on the wall)... sob sob