Thursday, 12 November 2009

stop Growing!

This post is about how my sibling STOP growing! grr....
standing from left:2nd sis, bro, 1st sis and me
sitting: lovely parents
you must be thinking what is wrong with me right? Oh well, its the fact that i am the youngest in the family; my sisters are 7 and 8 years apart, my bro is 10 (TEN) years apart! But they sort of stop growing/ageing??? i dont know....but i am still growing/ageing!

My "23"years old brother (he claimed himself to be foverever 23) is not 23!He is 10years OLDER. MAny mistakes us as couple because we are quite close and many thought we were only few years apart... sighs. not good for me but im sure he is very happy!

My1st sister, the one standing next to me. See the close resemblance? When i was 14, she's 22...that is when we looked so alike (ultimate stage) that ppl always mistake us as Twin! i was naive that time, so i thought i was fun to fool ppl that im da twin sister. But now that my brain works better, i dont like to be the twin sister anymore! She is 8 years older... i dont wanna be 8 years older :'(

Last but not least, my 2nd sister. Ohhh thank godness, no one ever said we are same age or me older than her so far :S MuaHAHA *Evil laugh*


Penton said...


I thought your 2nd sister is younger than u at first glance... :P

I know you are gonna kill me!

littlemrs said...

Instead of you 8 years older, look at it as your 1st sister is 8 year younger.. hehehe.. :p

Simon Seow said...

They are young at heart thus they also look young outside. You're old at heart thus you look older outside than you real age :p *runs far far away*

Pork Chop said...


Little Mrs: nope, it can't be that way! because i am "the cup of milk is half empty" type of person!

SimonSeow: well, at least i know u will always look much much much much much much much older than me. wth!

sacredchild said...

Waaaaahh holiday again! I didn't know Lake Toba is still a good spot. Will keep this in mind for my next hol!