Thursday, 11 June 2009

Chic Pop Event by Samsung Ultra Touch

I attended this event just few hours ago....

this was the phone they were promoting...
pretty cool, its touch screen!!!hehe but oh well, it has to be touch screen in this era! :P
sorry for the dark lighting picture...

What's fun to me?
i get to make my own hair accessories...(fyi: i love DIY stuff)
and "personalize" handphone pouch...

hmmm...this is the result!
met a few people there

Cindy, Seow Lang, Joyce aka KinkyBlueFairy
Ooh, did i tell you that they have a makeover booth too...but i think i look freaking scary in super RED lipstick; so im not going to share!

Lastly, i saw this guy with REally COOL Red Heels!
While im having fun/enjoying my busy life, i found out that three of my uni friends are not in good shape (made me a pretty bad friend) :(

1. Zoe is admitted to the hospital for the second time because of stomach infection
2. JC is not feeling well too and a not so nice blood test report
3. Rachel is having a cold; it might more than just cold-like dengue fever

I hope all of them get well soon!


~Elaine Tam~ said...

Wow, seems like fun event....btw, how do you get the invitation to those event? only special guest invited? or by Nuffnang invitation?

blueyfetes said...

We'll get better :)

Mine... cannot change, it's genetic. But, I'll pay more attention. :)

blueyfetes said...

thank you~~

Pork Chop said...

Elaine: ermm invitation from other people, tumpang glamour:P nuffnang give out for certain events too, just need to look out for it and particpate :)

blueyfetes: yea u shd pay more attention to it. Just visited zoe in hospital. Keep in touch

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Hahahha..tumpang glamour yer....

Good good.., so ur glamour nowadays huh...HAHHAH~

So, next time I tumpang glamour with you la....ok?

syin said...

Too bad for the poor guy u tumpang glamour from...had to be driver n photographer n almost got bored to death in the process... Sob sob

Pork Chop said...

Elaine Tham: hahah i tak dah glamour la.. haha see u in next events :)

syin: LOL, very nice comment indeed! Thank U mr. poor guy :P