Sunday, 14 June 2009

I Can't Get Enough of Transformers!

Why I Cant Get Enough of Transformers?

she's hot...

He is cute

i love bumble bee

okay, i think the above mentioned r too weak to tell people why i cant get enough of transformers...

THink Porkie Think!...A better reason would be :- I Can't Get Enough of Transformers to the extend of TRANSFORMING my Teddy, Milo into....

*besides being obsess with piggy stuff...i secretly like teddy too!

Here's a picture of Milo before transforming

Milo in "Transformer Costume"

Transform 1

Transform 2

and... DONE! Tadaaaa :P
hopefully this pink polka dot car will lure bumble bee =='''
i hope this is the 'why' u are looking for XD cheers


The making/Behind the scene

papers everywhere...i took 30mins to clean up after im done with the car! sob sob :'(
err, i also spend hours on this...crazy?

ps: i wanted to transform myself but i dont have enough time, so i made a smaller version of transformers costume hehe :)

*finger cross* hope i can still get the tickets!


Sue Me said... porkie cuter than bumblee bee. Maybe pink porkie shall seduce bumble bee..hehehehe

leechon said...

ahaha....very cute!!

Spectre said...

ROFL X 1000 times

Huai Bin said...

Best! OMG, that is so funny, takes a bit of effort too. I hope you get the tix. :)

Rachel said...

pity Milo! come come to Rachy jie jie here.

Ren said...

neat! nice! cute!
y no borrow ur bro toys to do some side kick :P

iriene said...

1st : Congrats on ur winning the Standout Queen... I always love to see you doing the "bridge". Your ideas - good , hope we all win the tickets and have fun together. Keep our fingers crossed. I had just clicked on the Honda ads on ur blog. Do drop by my blog. Tks!

Max said...

Whoaaa Griza, didn't know that you were so serious on getting ya hands on the tickets!!!

Wish ya luck Griza!!! It's creative anyway...real creative!!!


Fumoffu said...

Haha! Nice :D

Annie said...

ooo... hahaha... too cute to be left aside. I love bears too, mine called teddy, same version as teddy in Mr. Bean.

Pork Chop said...

sue: haha thanks...yea pinkporkie shall seduce bumblebee..woohooo haha

leechon: glad u find it cute too :)

Spectre: :) thanks for dropping by hehe

Huai Bin:It took me quite a lot of hours...hope ppl reckon my hardwork hehe

Rachel: Milo is enjoying every moment.. haha better than playing with ur "gu good" :P

Ren: yea i think i should take with my bro transformers collection; but he is not around, so i lazy

Iriene: hey there, thanks for ur support and the nice comment! will drop by ur blog :)

Max: that is why i am away for a loooooooooooong time yesterday ;)Thanks anyway

Fumoffu: thank u hehe, glad u like it :D

Pork Chop said...

Annie: hehe great, we shared same interest! hehe milo is nearly 6years old now hehe :P

Isaac Wong said...

That's really interesting. Well done!

cwee said...

this is so's even cuter than optimus prime...

Simon Seow said...

so gung ho

Pork Chop said...

Isaac: Thanks :D

Cwee: haha optimus prime is MAN :P

Simon Seow: hehe still in my Gung-ho fever

MooMoo House said...

Waoh! U are one hell of a super fans!! and i think you are really crazy :D! Hahaha, but i sort of like your style~.
By the way, I drop by to inform you that there is a Transformer's collectable items at KFC right now! Hope you won't miss this~!

Pork Chop said...

MooMoo House: im not really that super fans, i just think transformer costumes are cool! and thanks for liking my style...:D one last time, i think the baby clothes u selling are really CUTE! XD

taufulou said...

weii..that's cute lei..your milo transform~

MooMoo House said...

Oh pink pork chop, you did up the polka dot car yourself?? I can't help it but wanna praise you for the creative you are :D What line of business you are in?

Pork Chop said...

taufulou: hehe thank i got to find a place to store my polka dot car

MooMoo House: yes...i did it all by myself. and thanks a million...its great to have someone liking my work. but sadly, i didn't get any transformers tickets; for a second i thought my post was crappy (emo) lol but its okay. Im in ermm media line...:D