Sunday, 28 June 2009

Jacob’s Walk of Life 2009

The annual Jacob's Walk of Life (JWOL) is back! This year, Jacob's extended to Kuala Terengganu...meaning=JWOL is getting bigger and better.

JWOL in Kuala Terengganu
-over 1000 people participated 3km walk

JWOL in Kepong
-around 7000 people participated in 5km walk...crazy huge crowd

i think its a big event...Really Big! Getting 7000 people to wake up early on Sunday morning is a BIG DEAL! Some of the participants were there at Metropolitan Park as early as 5/6am- registration time @ 7am.

Before the walk, warm up exercise is very important.
its fun to see a big group doing exercise together

after nice warm up excercise, its time for the big mission (3km walk for Kuala Terengganu and 5km walk for kepong)

I think Jacob's is providing a very good plathform for a healthy family day...that is also why they have different activities going on besides the walk

i.e. free face painting for kids
having clown to entertain the kids while parents are busy stocking up jacob's biscuits :P hehe

So cute hehe

Apparently, that is not a gun....its a hairdryer :S physical challenge for female

and the "macho macho" man
not forgeting the jacob's stock-me-up booth which allowed consumers to get free tasting and stock up if they like it XD

the sampling was not like any supermarket tasting booth whereby you probably get biscuit crumb for tasting! Jacob's give you the whole piece instead of chopping it into small bits

They are so generous that some of the people took FULL advantage on that

i sneaky took this picture with my hp hehe :P

zoom in...
whole bag full of jacob's biscuit...
packed exactly like those brandless "so da piah" bought from kedai runcit
sighzz sad ppl :(
Anlene had a booth there too; where you can get free bone check.
I went for it and the result.....
My risk of Osteoporosis is moderate
its not good comparing to my 10 years older brother and my boss aka boss koala bone check results
The day after, i did a health check and i found out that BMI is somehow link with the risk of getting Osteoporosis. The only problem stated in my health check report is my BMI, i am 5-7kgs (A LOT!) underweight, giving the risk of Osteoporosis and Nutritional deficiency diseases :S
No wonder i constantly having backache, shoulder ache, neck im trapped in old lady body!

Becoz of health issues, me being me, ambitiously bought a pair of expensive running shoes!So far, i went jogging once. i ran for 1km plus and i drop dead for few days lol :P


Huai Bin said...

Eh got people tapau the crackers one. :)

Max said...

U know... Sorry to say this lar, but the picture of the mak cik holding the biscuits.... the man looks like he was about to use his hand to reach the mak cik's u-know-wat... Hahaha!!!

But it isn't rite??? Hahaha!!!

Pork Chop said...

Huai Bin:Yeap tapau, i saw ppl holding few bags full of crackers

Max: wen i saw this comment, i checked your url immediately...never thought u will comment something like this :P lol...but now that u said, yea looked like it but no his not reaching for the arse! hehe :P

Float Therapy West Kelowna said...

This event should happen again sometimes. It is a fine way people can interact with each other and build social relationship along with improving the health because of 3KM walking.