Sunday, 7 June 2009

StandOut with Nuffnang and Tiger 2009

I attended StandOut Party with Nuffnang and Tiger yesterday and it was GreaT! Okay for those of you who are not aware of the dress code of this party is Standout! Duhhhh...

I had trouble finding something to wear (im not lying). I asked around, hopping to get some inspiration from the others hehe to a certain extend, i repeated my questions several time to one person. annoying...sorry to whoever you are that i offended :S

So yea, i managed to rent a costume using the little break time i have for lunch :S ps: im not a full time blogger, lunch time the best time i can make use of. How about after work? Costume rental shop close real early like 7pm!Argghh... u

On the event day, I made/requested Kalai to come my place 1st because i need her help with the costume. I cant wear it myself, i need someone to tie at the back of the dress if not it will look like a sleeping gown on me! hehe

Kalai was stunned when she saw my Gung-ho costume lying on the bed haha

A picture took with my bro before leaving the house

And this is when we reach ttdi plaza carpark.
kalai helped me to tighten my dress and the big backpack which i called it the "SunFlower" XD
i just notice my costume is really huge when i enter the lift to go up. I felt like a Santa Claus stuffing himself into a tiny lift. Thank god i am not claustrophobic!
HQnine is the place for the event

After the registration, i was given a spot to put my handprint under the privileged standouts! Fuiiiyoooh, like a glamourous Hollywood star!
i heard the privileged standouts spot was for standout post finalist XD or did i get a spot because of my costume? :S

hmm i shouldnt be pointing at KennySia handprint, haha its the one ABOVE KennySia
Tiger Hall of Standouts
Here are some pictures outside HQnine

for the first time, im getting all the photographers' attention.

PinkPorkChop in Gold with Wen Pink

Very cool girls...

Diese the swimmer, PinkPorkChop in Gold and Yennie da Doll

Audrey and Me...i look extra huge!
Some pictures inside the club

Me and Susan Boyle
haha funny guy
Again me, susan boyle and my bro

me first picture with Ringo :D hehe
and with PinkPau.
the way she bend is soo cuteee...and i thought she looked really hot in the costume :)
Me and Zoe

Me and yat. I think he should have tie his hair higher :DMe and TianChad

Hitomi, me and Charis

a picture with sorry i dont remember your name and i can't make up the words from the sticker on ur arm (drop me a msg yea :P)
very nice red dress and her make up reminds me of poison ivy!

with li yen and lee fen

Of course, i can't miss out my cute assisstant Kalai hehe :)

Kwong Fei and me, and i found out he is one of Kalai's primary school mate!

and i also met my high school mate, Pauline!
hehe she couldnt recognise me in my costume mua ha ha ha
what a small world

meeting Christhoo aka mr. violent to ppc for the first time
I AM BIG that night, so i couldnt really move around without bumping into people!
i could only walk sideways like a crab to prevent my "SunFlower" from slapping the i just stay at one corner and camwhore, that being said, i missed out quite a bit of fun :'(

Plus other disadvantage like i stopped myself from drinking becoz it will be a big trouble to use the ladies in this costume.
ie: i missed out all the games
this looked really interesting and funny! hehehe
more camwhore pictures

Having a Standout costume is cool, i get free photoshoot from Peter Tan
look at the pro-ness

These are the pictures he took
love them all

more pictures with bloggers

me and JESS... she was like "WTF? you are PPC?"
Super Hot chics
ven bee and bellydancer

me and Seow Ren
i think this superhero really need to diet in order to fly in his red "cape" :P hahaha

Liang and Jojo were the two emcee for the night...
i was called up the stage and they reviewed my real name! hehe

Just to share some of my stage fright experience
1. At the age of 10 years old, i was chosen for public speaking, i said "good morning HEADmASTER" when the head of school is clearly a LaDy! :S
2. Ive also perform electone several times on stage...i made slight mistake in every performance and once was soooo bad that i get phobia!
3. for standout party, i only ate two baby carots for dinner :'(

So, that's me looking worried, not knowing what to perform!
Jojo called me :S

Since both the girls did belly dance, i thought i wanted to do something different and something relate back to me. In my standout post, one of my stand out point was bridging around the world.

so i made use of the table, hope everyone can see what im doing :S

Tadaaa...okay probably tons of the people out there can do this, but try doing it in this costume! hehe

I think i looked like a ball! transformed into a gold ball hehe
When Susan Boyle in KennySia's Body


A group pictures of the nominees
Another picture stolen from inspector gadget

The sparta won a laptop for best standout post.

Ren hahaha won a Mirror
for The In-Need-of-Self-Reflection Award

Edward Scissorshand was the Standout King
bringing home a xbox

and I won the Standout Queen title
ITs a PINK Coach Bag
my first four digit (RMXXXX) bag

its so precious like a big piece of GOLD... look at the reflection!!!

Thank you Nuffnang and Tiger for the bag!

posing with my bag

and thanks to my bro for bringing me to the costume shop

thanks to kalai for being my assistant that night!

some pictures before leaving

me and Jacquelyn

max, kalai and me

me and jackie

Junn came as tinkerbell, my fav disney character...
see my tinkerbell collection here

the Sparta...ermm i only met Roger before

Howard and me

me and huai bin $%($@(^T%*)&@* grrr....u know what's that for :P

me and ren

and this is me after stripping off the Queen suit!

we went Murni for yamcha...
the biggest gathering EVER!
spot me spot me :P

I want to Thank Nuffnang and Tiger for the million dollar opportunity.
and i am glad that I STOODOUT!:D


Jacquelyn Ho said...

PPC! Congrats for winning again :D

you rock! *hugs*

ashley said...

oh gosh!!
couldn't believe tat's u!!
gotta salute u!!! *orz*

Pork Chop said...

Jacquelyn: thanks a lot... *hugs*

Ashley: hahaha i can be crazy at times.. hehehe miss u

KwOnG FeI said...

yo... PPC..
thanks for bringing kalai..
the last time i met her was 11 years ago ..hahah..during primary skool..
btw, CONGRATS for your coach bag!!
you deserve for the 1k + bag..
finally, u look superb with the costume..

samanthacje said...

oh girl u went as the Gung-Ho queen? I thought it was some 16th century court lady outfit hahahaha but then u deserved to win due to ur effort!

sob sigh cries i also want pink coach bag! :'(

Huai Bin said...

I don't know, what is it for? :p

❤ Cookie said...

tribute to ur gold dress!It's really Standed out. Nice to meet you:D

breadpitt said...

you deserve the tittle gal....your costume really standout.....and wipe out those ppl beside u;-)

inkish27 said...

the bridge thingy is really cool! XD

Didn't expect u to do it with ur dress on! wootssssssss

Sue Me said...


Josh said...

Argh, forgotten to take photo with you...

Anonymous said...

4 digit handbag?? O.O

Congrats ;)
You look lave-ly :P

Isaac Wong said...

A long post but congrats! Hehe. Your wish came true!

Pork Chop said...

Kwong Fei: hehe no problem for bringing kalai...need to thank suresh for the extra invite, if not she wouldnt be there :( and thanks for the compliment

Samantha: hehe yea thats the officially title for my costume- Gung Ho Queen! Jeng JEng JENg~ :P

Huai Bin: Thats for ffk-ing me...liar :P Bluekkkkk...

Cookie: hey u, nice meeting u too. I think my mask and the big "Sun Flower" block my vision...missed out a lot of ppl :S

Pork Chop said...

breadpitt: oooh from the camera angle, u were just sitting opposite me?!!! hahaha sorry abit blind!and thanks :)

inkish: haha i dont know what else to do, not a performer!

Sue: xie xie xie xie XD and i like u said that "u like my post, everyone should like it too"! LOL made my day

Josh: hehehe next event then :D but no more pinkporkchop in gold

waye: yeahh 4digits! hahaha thank u

Isaac: wanted to put u n my picture too...later...u...YOU...YOU suppose to fetch me food! EVIL...dint come back to serve the QUEEN!%^%&Y)^_*)

Ewin Ee said...

congratz pink pork chopppp!!!!!

Seraph said...

congratz again ppc =)

Joshu@law said...

By having a few baby carrots as your meal, you actually make yourself won the RMXXXX.00 pink Coach Bag! It still worth it anyhow isn't it? ^^
Congrates & nice to meet you!

breadpitt said...

yup,just opposite u;-)

Lydia said...

Congratulations PPC! You look absolutely stunning in the costume! xx

Simon Seow said...

Seow Lang not Ren, must use Hokkien to pronounce lol. Yes, I need to detox and lose weight. T_T

Chris Thoo said...

where got violent..
i'm a very soft hearted guy...:P

change link weh...*slap, kick, bite

taufulou said...

you are really a eye catcher of the night.Nice costume~

Congrats on winning~

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Congratz ar Griza ;p
Now you have a pink coach bag for ur collection~

Myhorng said...

congratulation gold pork chop. just realized i din take photo with u. OMG.

Jackie Loi said...

what! Kalai is Kwongfei primary schoolmate!? i was from same primary school as kwongfei also eh -_-..omg

roger said...

Heee your precious pink Coach bag!

Make sure you take good care of it - sleep with it, bathe with it, eat with it, dream with it!

Pork Chop said...

Hey Ewin: Thank you thank you

Seraph: thanks and thanks for the pictures hehe:P

joshua law: yea baby carrot is all good to me hehehe

Breadpitt: sorry, dint notice :S well, bet u dint recognize me either! LOL

Lydia: thanks for stopping by :)

Seow LAng: Gua tak tahu Hokkien mah hahaha sorry

Christhoo: violent tomato...dont want change!Hmmph!

taofuloh: heheh funny nick. thanks

tian chad: Thanks and yea, i absolutely love Bagssss

HOrng: yea, we dint take any picture! how could u??? :P

JAckie: omg...really? i must let kalai know hahaha must be ur long lost friend too

Roger Roger: i will do all the above mentioned except bath with it!so NOT going to spoilt the bag. hehe enjoy fighting for ur laptop!:P

breadpitt said...

ur nick its too catchy to remember since nuffnang music

Pork Chop said...

breadpitt: thats very nice to know hehe :)

Jackie Loi said...

haha kalai was 2 years older than dif batch..LOL

mynjayz said...

oh ur stretching. wht is that called ? is supar cool !

Pork Chop said...

jackie: oooh ill let her know! lol

mynjaz: i called it bridging... and thanks a lot