Monday, 18 May 2009

I'm a Standout in Life

How am I standout in my life? Let me bring you through...

1. My Nick! Pink Pork Chop is a stand out. Why? People find it funny especially to those who comprehend Cantonese because pork chop in cantonese "zhu pa" is referring to FFC=Frugly Fat Chic!

2. Being Petite!-as i explained earlier, people must have expected me to be super... horribly... obsess creature. But the fact is, i am relatively quite small in size (if you dont put fourfeetnine beside me)!:P U need proof?

stuffing myself in a very small cube stool

u can put me in a backpack

and carry me!

Align Centre

my gf can carry me and SPIN me around like a salsa stunt!

everyone is one head taller than me
Align Centre

standing beside Marcus is even worst!
*my hair :S too windy

another picture of Marcus and meand something i bought quite recently!

i can fit in a billabong girls no.6...hmm i think that no.6 is referring to age-6??? :P

my England jersey is the same size too

3. I do STUNT!...NOT hehe i bridge around the world.





Other outrageous places to bridge including

the sun *cool right? :P*

The Moon...
Very tricky without gravity!==


Showing a lil trick to Megatron and

Megatron was amazed!!! hohoho

4. This can be a little show off but hahaha... Ive been on every medium...

A) TV:
-At the age of 14 years old, i was being interviewed for the youngest participant and winner of website desgin contest. (ermm about 1to 2min of fame...i hate to see myself tho)
-Twisties international salmon teriyaki's television ad! haha just extras :P total exposure 04sec lol...not sure if u can catch me

-another round of extras for mediacorp drama...ermm dont know what's the title already but aired on ntv7 when i was in uk!probably another 04sec of exposure hehe

B) Newspapers
-Also at age14 for the same reason as the interview on tv

C) Magazines
I was in HOT magazines.. (wow glamour-nya...:P)
there was another magazine that i couldn't find...some random street interview

tak dah la...tumpang glamor saja
1. partying with Hannah Tan
2. Winning cornetto lurve kliks...

Besides hanging out with Hannah T,
i also hang out with other celebrities :P

even Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

D) Internet- you are seeing me in the cyberworld now...aren't u?!!!
Innit is another great place! hehe check out the top10 innit board! standout woohooo...

E) Radio- i said something about 'we bought 100s ice-cream for this...' dont like my voice but it standout! :P *failed to upload, will upload later*

F) Billboard

...except billboard!=='''

5. Last but not least

I am Da QUEEN! bluek


Isaac Wong said...

Damn cute-lah you.

J'z said...

all people must be looking at you -.-

leechon said...

wah that back pack is...=.='''...


and i see that ur body is very flexible^^

JOLYN GOH said...

LOL.. Cute sial...

wen pink said...

Hahahha I got an idea on what to write for Standout liao~ all thanks to ur post! :)

Huai Bin said...

I like your bridge around the world project. :)

Wah you so fehmes one!

Shilka said...

haha I didn't realize you were so petite xD

Pork Chop said...

Isaac aka cicak: hehe thanks

J'z: ppl must be looking at me for what reason???

Leechon: hehe they backpack can take up to 70kg, so we were just testing it out of boredom! hehe

Jolyn: u are very cute too, and keyword: prettier :)

WenPink: so are u gonna buy me food since i gave u inspiration? LOL :P just jk, cant wait to see urs :)

Huai Bin: i am never Fehmes! haha probably just this post is very made-blip-fehmes.hehe

Shilka: hehe i look BIG in a lot of pictures bcoz ppl like to push me further infront/make me stand infront!

Simon Seow said...

See ya at the party if we get the invites.

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Nice bridge all around the world~!
Cute and flexible PPC~ :)

Pork Chop said...

simon seow: hahah im sure u will be there, but im not sure about me! dont know nuffnang wanna give me passes or not hehe

Tian Chad: hehehe thanks... no money to travel tho :( haha

stephy said...

wa... The back Pack is real wan ah? OMG so awesome. haha. You've really been "bridging" around the world huh.. haha.. Enjoy-nyer...

Pork Chop said...

Stephy: yeap, its real! my friend bought it brand new, hahah and we tested it out! :D i wish i can continue bridging around the world :) no $$$ :(

jhnhth said...

Great post - I love the bridging around the world especially - those are some great shots. Good luck in the Stand Out contest!

Pork Chop said...

jhnhth: thanks, hehe my bro took those pictures :D