Saturday, 16 May 2009

My BFF's Bday Review!

My BFF's Bday was on the 5th May but we did a pre birthday celebration for her because its hard to get everyone to come. Everyone is just busy busy busy with their own schedule including me.. hehe So yea, we have everyone for dinner on the 1st of may. 1st May is a public holiday, so we kinda expect everyone (majority) to turn out for the event.

Anyway, kalai came to my house earlier and we went together. As usual, we were late for about 20mins. Im sorry...when the two of us get together hahaha its gonna be real girly (make up&dress up for 'hours' +gossip gossip and gossip)

The dinner was @ Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant in The Curve

some pictures of the food we ordered
something with shrimp

more shrimp

and shrimp again
(its yummy :))

Tadaaa...we stacked up the drinks :D hohoho

we managed to get 6 people to attend including me and the bday girl.

the girls (ash:why the picture red color?)

some random pictures

pink porkie with kalai (the bday girl)

the ambient

"stop forrest stop" is when there isnt any service require from the table

"run forrest run" is when u need their service/attention lol :P
quite cool

kalai, we got u a "private dock" lol :P

Birthday Surprise from Bubba Gum

the bday cake...
she's only 4 years old haha

rewind abit...didnt have time to bake a cake, so i bought a plain cheese cake and decorated the cake with 1 and 1/2 kg of sugar!!!

i wanted to make a big bow but i did a flower instead.

Bday girl and her cake

didnt know they 'hate' each other so much :P

crazy hamster showing her 'hamster'

possing with her gift. I did not chip in for this.
i told her i dint have time to buy her something nice yet. but it was a lie!!! (dear god: i understand in the 10 commandments it include "Thou shall not Lie" but its for good cause/a good surprise, please forgive me) sob sob *drama* hehe
p/s: im a freethinker!
Experimenting my new camera wide angle..and everyone is in the picture:D
another one
kalai and ashley
kalai and pinkporkie

one of the last picture before we leave the place!

Is that all? just a pre birthday dinner? well, yea normally thats about it but i decided its NOT over this time!

Two weeks before her birthday, ive been hunting for people to sing her happy birthday. Preferably a group of 3-4 people will give the nice ermm impact. But due to budget, i cant afford that.

At first, i hired one guitarist cum singer through Andrew's network. But he told me he can't make it on the 1st May! i thought, plan is over! how to find another person to sing in 4days time? thought i might have to execute plan B which is just send her flower/chocolate (nothing new...boring) I didnt give up yet; i asked around again and jackie managed to get max for me :D
Thanks jackie and max too for the great performance.

So the plan is still on haha...i contacted her colleague through email and msn (of course she has no idea). Thanks Wei Yenn for bringing her down :)

On the 5th may, i met up earlier with max (my guitarist cum singer for the day) in midvalley because kalai's office is just there. Ohh she text me becoz i left office and didnt reply her msg on msn! hehe I called her colleagues and they gave support. All of them came down first including her boss. When we were ready, Wei Yenn tricked Kalai to come down " carry tv from the client" hehe

I was hiding a little when max approached kalai and he started singing happy birthday ON ONE KNEE! hahaha :D like prince charming proposing :D

watch video
i got him to sing two songs:
1: happy birthday
2: beautiful by akon

i think she's over shocked...poor thing! lol

This is the singer i hired, max
max and her a bottle of vodka
me, max, kalai
kalai and pink porkie
Happy Birthday Again :)
Hope you like the surprise


Kalai's speech after the surprise! hehe


Carrey Tan said...

Kalai can only said OMG...OMG AND OMG...
Is so funny man...see pin u are so great....

Pork Chop said...

carrey: yea its funny! and Heyyy u reviewed my name!

Carrey Tan said...

so sorry my dear....