Monday, 25 May 2009

MDG2 @ The Curve

I know, the event is long offence but the event quite boring and i have little interest to blog about:S Suresh called me like two days before the event and invited me; i think i gave him the most unconvincing cum uninterested 'yes'. haha :P But i really thought it would be fun and exciting to watch because its FINAL!

Later at night, Suresh confirmed with me and told me the dresscode is 'Fashionable'! What the hack is fasionable clothing? i have zero clue what to wear because i dont have to look overdressed or underdressed. Since its at The Curve so i thought it should be okay to wear jeans, plus its on a Friday. Casual Friday! Suresh tried to talk me through to wear a dress instead but i dont have time to change and i dint bother :P So here are some pictures during the event...

Zoe, Wen, Me and Ev

Me and my bro

some pictures of the mdgs

i think this is horrifying...sorry

the emcees

group pic: i look BIG!

my bro managed to get me a bottle of turborg from VIP section
Was quite thristy and hungry because i havent eaten my dinner yet.
Dusty steal my drink while im away taking pictures :(

More mdgs pictures

KennySia was up the stage
and he did his sakit pinggang poss! hehe funny fellerannouncing the winner
look at that reaction

Juanita won the title!
Some pictures before leaving the Curve...
me and kennysia
last year mdg, Fiqa...damn tall and pretty

huai bin, suresh and simon

We went SS erm dont know what, near pyramid for burger. Andrew's fav burger. Ermm yeap, thats it :D


Jz said...

LOL@ MrSia

Simon Seow said...

That's Fiqa.

Pork Chop said...

JZ: hehe yeaa funny

Simon: yea i knew her name haha just not 100% sure how to lazy to hehe :) Thanks anyway

Huai Bin said...

You can get into the VIP area la...dunno why you guys are all at the other side. :p

Anonymous said...

Hello, I would like to warn as many girls as i can, please beware of Poh Huai Bin, keep yourself away from him as far as you can. This fellow treats girls as his toys, he thought himself is a playboy and like to play fool on girls. One of his hobbies is to grab other guys’ girlfriend, wife-to-be or wife. Once you fall into his love trap, at the beginning he will treat you very nice, of course, doing many romantic things make you happy. But, this won’t be long, once he gets bored on you, he will show his true colors, treat you as cold as ice, woo other girls, dump you at home everyday and he goes out looking for happiness himself. If you quarrel with him, he will just say :” that’s me, i can’t change, if you are unhappy, just break up.” I really never mean to spoil his name, I’m here just to tell the truth, i really don’t hope other girls will fall into his trap and become his victim again. I have posted on his blog to remind other girls but he deleted it, so i choose to post this to your blogs, just wish you all beware of Poh Huai Bin.
One more secret thing i wish to share with you all is that this bastard’s “little brother” is really small.. i really got no feel making love with him, he is such a poor thing in that way.

Pork Chop said...

Huai Bin: we are just ppl who r aware of our "level"/"class" in that event.

And hey, look what u did!haha u made some enemies out there!lol :P i guess u gonna say 'you can please everyone?' gagaga

Anonymous: Thanks for the advice/warning. I am good in taking care of myself :) Cheers

Serge Norguard said...

anonymous - ahahahahaha best comment ever. *insert sarcasm* ahahahaha

Pork Chop said...

hahaha dusty, behave!!! :P

lil Shorty (5 ft :p ) said...

pin pin i think u look more like the Malaysian Dream Girl - posing with Kenny,Simon,Huai Bin, Suresh... :) muaks xoxo

oh n for whoever who warned porkchop, she is a very smart girl but thanks for looking out for my besterest fren!

wen pink said...

i look even bigger in that pic ok!! XD